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NewTek ships brand new LightWave 10

NewTek ships the new LightWave 10 with CORE technologies, features new Viewport Preview Renderer (VRP) and anaglyph rendering.


SIG: Khronos Group announces OpenGL 4.1

The Khronos Group announces OpenGL 4.1 specification at SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles.


Tidbits: ArchiOffice 2010, pre-SIGGRAPH news

Mac 3D and CAD News: We have lots of interesting tidbits today. First off the ArchiOffice 2010 webinar is a must-see event for architects looking to streamline their practices and in turn sharpen their services and increase their revenues and profitability; In other news early pre-release SIGGRAPH tidbits are quite exciting. We have news of a brand new application for the architectural visualization market coming from e-on software, plus another new application and the Vue 9 preview lineup.


Khronos Group unleashes OpenGL 4.0 spec

Khronos Group unveils OpenGL 4.0 at GDC – latest industry standard for graphics gets further advanced.


Tidbits: Autodesk, Graphisoft and 3D News

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have some brief news items on Autodesk’s recent acquisition, AIA survey news touching on BIM, ArchiCAD events in January and OpenGL news regarding SilverLining software…


Khronos demonstrates OpenCL momentum at SC09

Khronos Group is demonstrating OpenCL 1.0 progress at international high-performance computing conference — makes major announcement about industry adoption of key standard


Bunkspeed introduces HyperShot 10

Bunkspeed introduces HyperShot 10 – new version features all new rendering engine with patent-pending technology.


Google releases new SketchUp 7.1

Google has announced a significant update to SketchUp with version 7.1. Highlights include a more robust rendering engines and enhanced collaboration and data exchange.


SIG: Khronos Details WebGL Initiative

At Siggraph the Khronos Group outlined its plans for WebGL — bringing synergy between OpenGL developers and Web developers to enable rich-interactive 3D on the Web without browser plugins.


SIG: Khronos releases OpenGL 3.2

The Khronos Group has announced OpenGL version 3.2 at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans.


Tidbits: Shark updates, OpenGL in RealBasic and more

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today include updated service pack for Shark, Shark LT and Shark FX; plus REALBasic version 3 now out includes new support for OpenGL support, paving the way to more 3D applications on Mac; and finally Archway talks about updates for VersaCAD.


EVGA Corp. brings new highend GPU to Mac

EVGA expands Mac Pro Graphics Card Options with new 1 GB GPU card with the fastest memory bandwidth yet available on the Mac platform.


LTB 8.0 Mac – Lighting Calc CAD app

LTB Light 8.0 for Mac offers Mac users natural and artificial lighting calculation software with color radiosity method applied to finite elements plan.


AMD advances OpenGL – new extension binds

The power of Uber-Parallel Processing: New AMD WGL_AMD_GPU_association extension further advances multi-GPU system performance in workstations. Advances OpenGL.


Google Talks to Architosh About SketchUp Pro 7

Architosh talks to John Bacus, Google’s SketchUp Product Manager, about the all new SketchUp 7 and SketchUp Pro 7 and Layout 2. Key points in the discussion include the new Dynamic Components technology and how to learn about it, discussion about OpenGL and multi-processing and multi-threading, and the value in understanding causality in interactive rendering versus determinate renders.


Apple working to trademark OpenCL

Apple seeks to trademark OpenCL as new industry standard for parallelization of software across both CPU and GPU hardware.


Microsoft’s lack of OpenCL support unfortunate

According to a report on Macworld and Electronista, OpenCL has been defined as a standard in a record six months, with key contributions from Intel, Nvidia, AMD, Apple, and others. But one key tech giant is missing from adopting and supporting that standard and that is Microsoft.


Parallels 4 – Offers More for Mac CAD/3D Users

Parallels Desktop 4.0 for Mac Opens Up More Windows and Linux CAD and 3D Applications to Mac Users


Swedish AutoCAD developer unhappy: Develops Alternative

Henrik Vallgren and I have had long email discussions in the past about Autodesk. He has informed me several times about the history of the company and many of its practices that are not always flattering.


SIG: Nvidia’s Siggraph Announcements – RoundUp

Nvidia had a slew of great announcements at SIGGRAPH 2008 this year and below are summary highlights


Houdini 9.5 now available for Mac OS X Leopard

Side Effects Software has released Houdini 9.5 this month and for the first time introduces a full native release for Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard operating system


Tidbits: NVISION, Siggraph 2008, Luxology and DAZ

Luxology offers rapid prototyping, DAZ has new Elite human models and NVISION News


Experimental 3D acceleration with Virtualization from Parallels and VMware

An Atomic article goes indepth to test out Parallels’ and VMware’s experimental support for hardware-accelerated 3D graphics in Windows XP virtual machines on your Mac


Future PowerCADD only to run on Intel Macs

Longtime Mac stalwart Engineered Software, makers of the respected PowerCADD, will no longer support PowerPC Macs in future versions of PowerCADD


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