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Tidbits: Shark updates, OpenGL in RealBasic and more

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today include updated service pack for Shark, Shark LT and Shark FX; plus REALBasic version 3 now out includes new support for OpenGL support, paving the way to more 3D applications on Mac; and finally Archway talks about updates for VersaCAD.


Punch Updates Shark Line of CAD software

cadsoft solutions of the United Kingdom has announced that Punch’s Shark CAD product line, including Shark, Shark LT, and Shark FX have been updated with a service pack, release v5.5 build 838. This latest service pack contains over 35 corrections and enhancements and is recommended for all Shark product line users. To learn about Punch products including Shark go here.

OpenGL support added to REALBasic

REAL Software has released its new REALBasic and REAL Studio version 3 products. There are more than 100 improvements and 31 new features including, among other great things, OpenGL support for faster creation of 3D applications compared to traditional C-programming methods. 

The software is used to create programs for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems, using both BASIC computing languages and visually-designed interfaces. The new OpenGLSurface control does require a knowledge of the OpenGL language. However, there are some open source projects that are implementing a RB3D-compatible API on top of the OpenGL for developers who currently use RB3D. 

REAL Software recently published an Introduction to REALbasic video on 

VersaCAD update coming soon! Focus on Translators

The latest Archway newsletter mentions an upcoming VersaCAD update that will focus on updating its CAD translators, especially on the Mac. The Windows version will get faster and will now support multiple instances. VersaCAD will now have a different and better database engine behind it, paving the way for innovative future upgrades. To learn about VersaCAD go here:

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