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Architosh Application Guide

Architosh has published many application (app) guides over the years. In fact, for those readers who have been with us since the site’s founding in 1999, Architosh began as essentially a comprehensive listing of CAD and 3D tools for the Mac OS platform.

We have decided to bring the app guides we currently have up to the level of the main navigation menu, but we have so much more planned than that.

Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 (Wave 1)

Originally published in 2013 and updated once since that time, Architosh’s Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 is currently under a major wave 2 update and we can’t wait to show in early 2018. In the meantime, explore the current version below.

To visit the Index Level of the app guide, go here. Or select a specific section in the links below.

Schematic and Development Design Phases: Applicable Lists

Construction Documents Phase: Applicable Lists

Bidding & Negotiation Phase: Applicable Lists

Construction Administration Phase: Applicable Lists

Other High-Value Apps of Use for Architects: Applicable Lists

CAD and BIM Formats on iOS for iPad

One of the most useful things architects may want to know is what CAD and BIM formats are supported on what iPad apps for BIM and CAD viewing. We at Architosh have been working hard to figure this all out. See the article below