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Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0 (Wave 1)

Architosh has completed the first wave (Wave 1) of one of its most ambitious special article projects with the 2.0 update to the Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects. We kick off Wave 1 with the culmination of a special three article interview series on iOS developers in this market segment and a brief description of our updates inside the Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects 2.0

[Editor’s note: We have been updating this guide series this year so the old dates refer to 2013 while the version 2.0 guide has 2014 dates clearly listed.]


Our Ultimate Guide series on iPad Apps for Architects is a multi-page, multi-article feature series dedicated exclusively to creating the most comprehensive and focused guide on the topic. It is not an “ultimate” guide from the point-of-view that we have covered more apps than anyone else–though we have quite a lot here in this series. We don’t see the high-value in that alone.

The high-value in our “ultimate” guide is its comprehensiveness as a whole. We have strove to do five things that nobody has ever done before combined in such a listing:

  1. Create a very comprehensive listing rooted to “practice” areas
  2. Identify and illuminate “Gems” within each area (per list)
  3. Summarize apps and bring iTunes store review counts, rating averages and pricing up to the level of the article
  4. Link up BIM/CAD formats to Apps that handle those formats (see article)
  5. Create a Definitive Must-Have Apps List for Architects

Moreover, as part of this concerted effort, we have produced dedicated editorial features that belong to this concerted effort in the form of several Product Reviews and a few features. (see: Architosh, “Interview: CadFaster of Finland talks to Architosh about BIM and Mobility,” 15 Mar 2013,). Taken as a whole we believe we have attacked this subject with more punch than any other publication to date. Of course, we would love to hear your constructive feedback.

Finally, this series commences today, 21 March 2013, but will run for over a week as we deliver final segments of our Guides outlined below as well as special features tied to this series. Please bookmark this page and come back during this time. We will update with one or more guide lists every 1-3 days until the series is complete near the end of the month.

Organized by How We Practice: Ultimate iPad Guides

We have roughly organized our Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps for Architects series based on how architects actually practice their profession. Projects move through five stages from schematic design to construction administration. In the US the AIA abbreviates these five phases as SD, DD, CD, B, and CA.

In truth architects may use various tools throughout all five phases of practice. So we have tried to structure our guide lists to fit the most logical approach based on these five phases. Bear this mind, perfection will not be possible; for brevity we tried not to double-list if possible.

Schematic and Development Design Phases: Applicable Lists

Construction Documents Phase: Applicable Lists

Bidding & Negotiation Phase: Applicable Lists

Construction Administration Phase: Applicable Lists

Other High Value Apps of Use for Architects: Applicable Lists

CAD and BIM Formats on iOS for iPad

One of the most useful things architects may want to know is what CAD and BIM formats are supported on what iPad apps for BIM and CAD viewing. We at Architosh have been working hard to figure this all out. See the article below

How to Start

A good way to start this series is by jumping into specific list categories that catch your eye. Click on them above. If the category you want is not yet published a date is listed for its publication. Be sure to come back then. In the meantime, enjoy the other categories and their Gems!

Another thing you may want to do–after the whole series is published around end of March–is review our Must-Have Apps for Architects list and make sure you consider getting most of them. After all, your iPad isn’t going to be truly useful to you until you have the best apps possible on it for all your needs.

Please bear in mind that every list guide per category has a Gem app identified at the bottom of each article page. Not all of those are listed in our Must-Have Apps article, so do check out those other great apps.

next page: Conceptual Drawing Apps for Architects

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  1. @caxtonian – we just updated 5 or 6 pages. Full list here -

  2. @caxtonian – we just updated 5 or 6 pages. Full list here -

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