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Architosh Site Map

A detailed explanation of the Architosh website and its zones are explained below in this Site Map graphic. This includes an explanation of the architosh INSIDER membership subscription zones of the site and the nature of our subscription paywall system.¹

01 – Click on the Site Map graphic to understand Architosh Reader Experience Options.

No Paywall Zones

Header Zone

Footer Zone


Your Account

Support and Policies

Research and Programs

No Paywall Categories

News Category

Blog Category

Metered Paywall Categories

Special note. Hard paywall¹ INSIDER Report and exclusives are still put into feature and review categories on a per-post level. The INSIDER Reports are made up of selected feature content and as such have feature sub-type categorization as follows.

Therefore, you may see INSIDER features on the Features and Home pages, in respective categories, but they are easy to identify as the title graphic says INSIDER in the upper right corner. Metered or hard paywall content is also on pale green background zones in most cases.



News Analysis and Commentary

App Guides

Hard Paywall Categories

Select content is placed behind the premium “hard” paywall and is available for subscribers only.


  1. Architosh uses the Piano Tinypass paywall system, a global leader in business platforms for digital media. Our paywall is both the “metered” and “hard” type, meaning that: (1) metered means readers have a finite, limited number of articles to read each month, dependent on the article categories as defined above. The number or limit is three (3) articles max without a subscription; (2) hard means readers cannot access this content (articles, video, etc.) without an active subscription. See our Footer  (below) for links related to architosh INSIDER subscription.

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