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The Benefits of Subscribing to INSIDER Membership

With an Architosh INSIDER Membership subscription readers have the following benefit per month:

  • Unlimited Access to All Content
  • Exclusive CAD/3D/AEC Apps Guides
  • Early Access to (emTech) Section from Xpresso newsletter
  • Early Access to the Special Feature in Xpresso newsletter

Additionally, INSIDER Members will gain access to special pricing on eBooks, our extensive research reports and other products and services with our partners.

Don’t Want Annual Subscription Membership But Want Access?

Simple. Just get a “Daily Pass” or the “Weekly Pass.” These are non-renewing and expire automatically. You will not be charged or auto-renewed. You pay once and get in for a day or a week.

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The Benefits for Site Visitors and non-Subscribers

Importantly, all of Architosh’s regular CAD/3D/AEC industry software and hardware news will remain free and unlimited to site visitors. “Limited” content means readers can view up to three (3) articles per month, inclusive of Features, Reviews, Analysis and Commentary, and some editor-selective App Guide articles.

Subscription / Paywall FAQ

What payment options do you provide for subscription?

Our paywall accepts all major credit cards and Apple Pay.

I’m a student in college, can I get a free subscription?

Yes, if you are a student or college professor or administrator you can get a free annual subscription by following these instructions:

  1. send us an email from your academic email address.
  2. we will instruct you to sign-up for the free INSIDER Xpresso newsletter prior to granting you INSIDER Membership subscription.
  3. once in receipt of your Xpresso sign-up we will process your free annual subscription within 24 hours. It is good for 4 years and can be renewed if you are continuing your studies further.

Why must I sign-up for the Xpresso newsletter to get a free academic subscription? 

The brief data you provide us during the sign-up process has some value to us for our marketers who advertise with Architosh. So you are helping us support the development of the content you are getting free unlimited access to. Thanks in advance!

How does a “metered paywall” work or function?

A metered paywall generally works by limiting the number of articles a reader can consume for free (without subscription) per month, generally. The hard paywall allows only subscribers to see that content behind the hard paywall. You can see in detail our content types and their relationship to the paywall on our new sitemap.   (image 01)

01 – Architosh — Reader Experience Options. (Click to see in detail.)

The Architosh—Reader Experience Options image above clearly communicates that our content spans across an “editorial band” (blue-green in the image above) from news covering press releases, to context and insight in our news analysis, to unique journalism in our feature and reviews, onward to decision-support and intelligence in our premium INSIDER content.

View the image above (click on it) and visit our sitemap to get a complete overview of our content types.

I am a long-time reader and fan, what does this mean for me if I do not get a subscription?

All the typical content you have been used to reading at Architosh will largely remain accessible but only in a “limited” 3-articles per month structure because it sits behind the metered paywall. This does not apply to news articles and blog posts. Again, see the image above for a graphic overview of how the paywall structure works across our content types.

What happens when I reach my monthly limit on articles?

The metered paywall become invoked and a subscription curtain appears over the content you are trying to reach.

You will still be able to access all news articles and high-level index pages on the site to monitor what new features, reviews, news analysis, and INSIDER content has been published. (see: sitemap)

How do I cancel a subscription?

There will be instructions provided by on how to cancel a subscription when you subscribe. If you have any questions please email [email protected] and we will be happy to help.

Do you provide Corporate or Educational Subscriptions? 

Yes. We offer substantially reduced rates for subscriptions for your company or educational institution. These are only annual subscriptions and the rates vary depending on the number of employees or institutional users you wish to provide access to.

Please email us at [email protected] about both types of subscriptions.

Contacting Us About Subscriptions or Something Else

Have a question about something else? Let us know.

Update Log

23 Feb 2019 — Last update to this page.

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