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Product Review: OrthoGraph I—Building Survey System for AEC Pros

Should AEC pros still use pen and paper and measuring tape to survey existing buildings in the field? Or should they go “digital” and streamline this tedious and time-consuming process. In this review, Architosh goes deep and provides a complete evaluation of the OrthoGraph I building survey app system—cloud driven and integrated with laser distance meters.

ARCHICAD 20—A Deep Dive Into Its Best New Features

In this feature article Architosh takes a deeper look at the three big new features in ARCHICAD 20. Part insights, part step-by-step we dive deep into many aspects of graphic overrides, the Property Manager and what the new UI brings to UX.

Product Review: Strata 3D CX 8.1

Does Strata 3D still have a place in the highly competitive 3D software market? In this product review we take a look at Strata’s current shipping version and all the technology it packs in an under $1000 USD punch—including the stunning visual results one can achieve with this stalwart 3d package.

Product Review: Vectorworks Architect 2017
Pre-Review: Evaluating Upcoming VR Technologies in Vectorworks 2017
Product Review: Graebert ARES Commander 2016 for Mac
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We’re thrilled to see this collaboration between SideFX and Allegorithmic spring to life.

Industry Commentary and Analysis

3Dconnexion and Vectorworks—The Next Power Couple?

Gaining full 3Dconnexion 3D mice support to Vectorworks 2017 gives its users a lot more power in the area of 3D model creation, editing and navigation.

Prospect 1.4 by irisVR Now Launched—New Scale Model Mode and More

irisVR has recently been featured on Bloomberg News TV and the latest release of Prospect (1.4) offers new Scale Model Mode plus more…

Autodesk Updates AutoCAD for Mac—Touch Bar Support

Autodesk joins the club becoming second major CAD developer with Touch Bar support in latest point dot release of Autodesk AutoCAD 2017 for Mac product line. Other UX and customization improvements round out this mid-release free update which users will surely appreciate.

SimTread Crowd Flow Simulation Software—Now At Version 2.5
ARCHICAD 21 First CAD or BIM App with Apple Touch Bar Support
A Fall-Time Vectorworks Design Summit—Depth Is The Difference in 2017
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Instead of binding data and applications into one giant experience, we are separating them. - Amar Hanspal, Autodesk

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