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The Architosh Research

The Architosh Research page is our master list of our ongoing and public market research efforts. All site visitors who have an inquiry about these research efforts are welcome to contact us at: [email protected]. Please put {architosh research} into the subject line.

Below is information and links data—including links to open surveys—on our current research projects.

Research Projects

Architosh 2015 Tablet Devices in Architectural Workflow Study

This study aims to learn if tablet devices like the iPad and other devices are being utilized in architectural workflows and if so how exactly. Take the survey now.

  • Survey Status: Open
  • Participants: architecture professionals
  • Survey Link: here. 
  • Published Report(s): (1) publicly available at time of report; (2) private follow-up study report
  • Published Status: TBD

MORE: Architosh launches new tablets in Architecture research survey

This study is on-going and we encourage all architectural professionals to please take part in this 5-10 minute survey and complete it. Our research efforts bolster Architosh’s mission, foster deeper relationships between us and the software community, and help us play a valuable role in Apple-based platform support and stewardship for the benefit of Architosh’s audience.

Architosh 2014 Mac Workstation Survey for Apple Pros


This study aims to learn what the needs are for pro-level desktop computing for Mac OS X based professionals across an array of industries, with particular focus on pros who traditionally have wanted workstation class hardware. Take the survey now. 

  • Survey Status: Open (Post-Report)
  • Participants: all Mac professionals across various workstation based industries
  • Survey Link: here. 
  • Published Report(s): (1) public on architosh  (2) private in-depth report for participants only (on-going and now planned for mid-2017. Architosh has something very special for all participants of this report and it’s under development now.)
  • Published Status: published (1) on Architosh; awaiting publication of (2) for participants only

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Update Log

11 Dec 2017 — Last update to this page.