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Friends of Architosh

Over the past 20 years a small but notable group of other Mac news sites has generously offered various assistance to our project here at Architosh. We would like to thank them and encourage you to visit and get to know their excellent and well-regarded Mac publications:

  • Macintosh News Network –  ( – A full-service general Mac publication w/ great forums. (sadly now defunct)
  • MacSurfer – ( – The best news source for the entire Mac Universe!
    • – Many thanks to Monish K. Bhatia of MacNN for hosting us for so many years! 
    • – Many thanks to the folks at MacSurfer for links to our unique content! 
In addition to those two sites which have been so influential in helping spread the word of Architosh we owe a large debt of gratitude to others. In the meantime we’d like to also start noting our large list of friends of Architosh here: (ongoing project)
  • The Mac Observer – Bryan Chaffin and John Martellaro
    • – Thanks John for all your years of contact and connections at Apple!
    • – Thanks Bryan for your years of support and encouragement!
  • MacDailynews
    • – Many thanks to the folks over at MacDailyNews for their recent posts of our best content. It helps!
  • Franco Folini and his blog Novedge
    • – Many thanks Franco for taking interest in me and Architosh. You provide a great service!
  • Greg Conyngham AIA of Integrated CADD Services (ICS)
    • – A super thank you to Greg of ICS in Cambridge/Boston for all the years of encouragement, advice and support as a corporate sponsor!
  • Mr. Nader Family of BoA North America
    • – A thank you to Nader for being Architosh’s first advertiser/corporate sponsor back in 2000 and such a major supporter of the Mac in architecture. 
  • Mr. Sean Flaherty of Vectorworks and later Nemetschek Group
    • – Thanks Sean for that first interview with Richard Diehl and yourself back so long ago — that led to many such executive-suite interviews and probably set the model for Franco Folini’s website and several others. We now have a body of literature on the Web where CAD and 3D executives, CTO’s and key players get to just talk about this industry and what they are doing and why it matters to them. 
  • Mr. Viktor Vákonyi and Akos Pfmeter of GRAPHISOFT who have been influential supporters of Architosh and have brought Architosh into contact with fantastic architects around the world. 
  • Tom, Kenny, Susan, Richard, John (see above), Jacques, Jean Pierre and Steve at Apple.
    • – Thanks to a whole bunch of folks at Apple whose full identities must be concealed due to Apple’s ultra-secret, and tidy policies concerning press and employees. Those of you at Apple who have provided encouragement, connections and contacts, technical support and even the occasional ad deal are all thought of warmly. Thank you! 

In addition to the names and companies mentioned above, Architosh owes much to our large family of friends and supporters, including every name mentioned on our Masthead here and other names including:

  • Guy Kawasaki — for starting the boom back in 1999.
  • Vahe Arabian — for the wonderful published interview
  • David Silverman — for years of support and the nod to the BAC
  • Dr. Salil Patel — for years of collaboration and wise counsel
  • Robert Anderson – for years of encouragement
  • Dr. Biplab Sarkar — for years of patronage and for wonderful talks
  • Tad Shelby — for your kind words and support
  • Tom Lazear — for your patronage and excellent contribution
  • Mike Moore — for years of work in the forums and steadfast encouragement and friendship…all the way from Perth, Australia
  • Willard Williams
  • Daniel Monaghan
  • Phil Bernstein
  • Anthony Hauck
  • Ian Keough
  • Erik de Keyser
  • Eniko Pauko
  • Phillipe Butty
  • Don Jacob
  • Jeremy Powell
  • Alice Lowy
  • Sasha Reed
  • Patrick May
  • Robert Graebert
  • Wilfried Graebert
  • Cedric Desbordes
  • Darick DeHart
  • Corey Rubadue
  • Pantelis Ioannidis
  • Antje Kunze
  • Colin McLaughlin
  • Peter Turkington
  • Viktor Nordstrom
  • Richard G. Kerris
  • Leo Van Broeck
  • Randy Deutsch
  • Hiral Patel
  • Thomas Graabaek
  • Andrea Suraci
  • Neil Peterson
  • Klass Vossen
  • Ralph Grabowski
  • Martyn Day
  • Greg Cork
  • Al Dean
  • Denise Greaves
  • Randall Newton
  • Kathleen Mayer
  • Roopinder Tara
  • Tom Parks
  • Brian Hores
  • Brian Farber
  • Evan Troxel
  • Neal Pann
  • Nader Family
  • Helen Castle
  • Michael Davis
  • Jonathan Cohen
  • Lauren Burke Meyer
  • Don Strimbu
  • Daniel Iborra
  • Jim Hassberger
  • Steve Keyser
  • Patrik Heider
  • Daniel Jansenson
  • Bence Kovács
  • Ron Fritz
  • Jenn Pratt
  • Sarah Ritch
  • Rita Hicks
  • Marianne Sims
  • Vincent Boutard
  • Mary Moscarello
  • Angi Izzi
  • Diego Matho
  • Steve Bell
  • Luca Frattari
  • Martin Wengenmayer
  • Barry Isakson
  • Tomas Egger Moellwald
  • Lisa Lance
  • Matt Riveccie
  • Heidi Lowell
  • Alex King
  • Noah Cole
  • Reese Schroeder
  • Lászlo Tóth
  • Tibor Szolnoki
  • Miklos Szovenyi-Lux
  • David Caruso
  • Vicky Gray-Clark
  • Jonathan Hirshon
  • Jared Banks
  • Jeffrey W. Ouellette
  • Paul Babb
  • Eric Durst
  • Christine Byrne
  • And more names to come…(this is a project!_)

Last updated: 24 Feb 2019


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