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Our Editorial Calendar will remain the 4-quarter system focused on the categories listed below. We feel this is working and encourage companies and PR agencies to get familiar with the season variations and the annual conferences and events Architosh covers in the CAD and 3D industries. Contacting us early is highly advisable; planning editorial features and advertising campaigns around key announcements such as new software releases, introductions, updates and event news take careful planning.

Bear in mind our editorial calendar is not rigid. We publish all types of content year-around, even outside our quarterly focus topics to meet the needs of our corporate sponsors (advertisers).  

2019 Editorial Calendar

Quarter 1:  (MCAD + Cloud)

  • Focus Areas: Professional: MCAD industry and iOS and Cloud or AEC 
  • Event Coverage: Invite-only select events by ISVs.
  • INSIDER Exclusives: CDE (common data environments) for AEC, algorithmic tools, VR/AR; design studio help guides for data management
  • Editorial Plans: Focus on a leading MCAD provider; bring attention to new mobile and cloud apps for AEC

Quarter 2: (AEC Industry)

  • Focus: Professional: AEC industry tools—all platforms  Consumer: consumer CAD/3D
  • Event Coverage: AIA National Convention & Exposition / invite-only events by ISVs
  • INSIDER Exclusives: High-level coverage of AIA National Convention; Focus on emerging tech for Architecture
  • Editorial Goals:  Focus on some of the leading AEC CAD/BIM vendors, new VR/AR providers, drones in AEC, tools for builders, engineering, etc

Quarter 3: (3D Industries)

  • Focus: Professional: Professional 3D industry tools—all platforms  Consumer: consumer 3D tools, game industry developments
  • Event Coverage: Annual SIGGRAPH Show
  • INSIDER Exclusives: High-level coverage of the SIGGRAPH show; emerging trends and tech in professional 3D markets
  • Editorial Goals: Focus on new and leading 3D software developers; focus on Unity and Unreal Engine developers, etc.

Quarter 4:  (BIM, Construction and Future of Making)

  • Focus: Professional:  BIM and Construction Industry coverage—all platforms
  • Event Coverage: Boston ABX + Greenbuild Show / Autodesk University
  • INSIDER Exclusives: publish our annual architosh INSIDER Report — which varies with themes
  • Editorial Goals: Focus on new BIM technologies, Construction professionals software tools, Green-design technologies

Helpful Notes

Generally speaking, we start to plan our main features for any particular quarter approximately one to two quarters prior to it. However, that is the ideal and often times schedules slip or new items come up that we fit into a calendar focus. For best results please consider these helpful notes:

  • Contact us early for software product reviews (at least 2-4 months prior to publication date)
  • Contact us early also for big events, major announcements, et cetera
  • Contact us one month early for executive interviews

For broad editorial and coordinated advertising-planning, we encourage you to contact us any time of the year to discuss your needs. The same goes for company-based media (press) events. If you would like us to cover your media needs at an event that we don’t have on our Editorial Calendar, please contact us at [email protected]

Media, Editorial and Advertising Contact Info

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, AIA, LEED AP — Publisher and Editor
617-312-3305 (mobile and primary number)
anthony {at} architosh {dot} com

 Update Log

2 July 2019 — Last update on page

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