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Architosh provides many advertising and promotional options for independent software developers (ISVs); computer, printer and peripheral hardware manufacturers; content producers and sellers; consultants and trainers; and book and CD-ROM publishers focused on the CAD, AEC, and 3D industries.

If you wish to reach the Apple macOS and iOS CAD and 3D markets for both educators and professionals, is the number one site in the world in which to do so. There is simply no better place to find this market.

Our current or past advertisers include the biggest names in the CAD and 3D industries such as: Apple, Abvent, Autodesk, Archway Systems, AtLast Software, AEC Software, BeLight, Bentley, BOA Research, Bluebeam, Cadimage, Eovia, Electric Image, FormFonts3D, Graebert, Google, Graphisoft, Hot Door Inc., IMSI/Design, Imagination, ICS/CADGarage, MacroEnter, Matrox Graphics, Objects Online, OrthoGraph, Punch, Resolve, Rform, solidThinking, Strata, Vectorworks Inc., and 3Dconnexion.

When you advertise on Architosh, we custom tailor your ad campaign and promotional needs, so they gain maximum impact to our audience. Just three of our top repeating advertisers have logged more than 30 years of sequential business with Architos—because it delivers value.  

Our Advertising & Promotional Programs

We currently offer top, sidebar and large inline ad banner positions, consistent with industry AIB standards. We also sell video ads and editorial integration programs.

Ad banners are sold on the industry standard CPM system (cost per 1000 ad banner impressions). Ad space is purchased preferably by the calendar quarter, but we do allow one-month ad buys. Additionally, we provide scaled discounts for ad campaigns longer than 3, 6, and 9 months.

We advise advertisers to consider a sustained marketing campaign for greatest impact and to consult our published Architosh Editorial Calendar for coordinated media and advertising planning.

Ad Banner Sizes

IAB/CASIE industry ad banner sizes are required. Our ad sizes reflect the latest high-impact IAB/CASIE sizes commonly found in the largest publications on the Internet.

  • Top Ad — 720×90 ROS (run of site) and home page only options
  • Editorial inline — 300 x 250  ROS and HP options
  • Side Bar — 300 x 100  ROS and HP options
  • Side Bar — 300 x 600  ROS and HP options
  • Side Bar — 300 x 250  ROS and HP options

We support GIF, JPEG, Flash and QuickTime based ads and they run on an advanced industry ad-server enabling “self-managed” sophisticated stats tracking (available as an option to advertisers). All advertisers receive detailed “stat-reports” when requested and an ad banner performance comparison and critique. Additionally, Architosh provides free ad banner design consultation to ensure that our newest clients benefit from the 18 years of tracking, observation, and experience we have gained with our top-brand advertisers.

Ad Pricing & Contact Info

We welcome your inquiries into Architosh’s advertising and promotional opportunities. We offer competitive pricing and can work with just about any budgetary constraint. To learn more, please email by dropping us a small note at [email protected]

Or to review our latest Media Kit request one at [email protected]

To discuss opportunities on the phone, please call 617-312-3305 (8:00 am – 7:00 pm EST) to speak to the publisher, so we can schedule a conference call at your convenience. You are welcome to leave a message on off hours. Thanks.

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