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Features: Special

SIGGRAPH 2023: It Starts with AI—The Full Report

At this year’s SIGGRAPH 2023 computer graphics conference and exhibition—AI, USD, and digital twins play staring roles.

Amy Bunszel of Autodesk Talks to Architosh About Forma

We discuss in this feature other items about Autodesk Forma not mentioned in the official press release—such as interop, SketchUp export, Spacemaker customers, AI, NVIDIA Omniverse, and more.

Choose Your Own Adventure—Vectorworks' New Omniverse Connector Expands Future for Users

NVIDIA Omniverse is making waves in most industrial CAD industries, from manufacturing to AEC/O. Now Vectorworks has a new Omniverse Connector, marking an inflection point for next-generation collaboration, visualization, and simulation capabilities for users.

ARES Kudo Delivers Multiple Benefits for University CAD Instruction
Benefitting from Reality Capture Digital Twins using 360-degree Cameras 
Autodesk Cloud-based Platforms and AI/ML Aim to Help Solve the Biggest Problems We Face
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Notable Words

CloudCities is an online platform for visualizing, editing and publishing interactive 3D urban models

Features: Interviews

New Voices: With Disrupt Symposium Founder Sara Kolata

This industry is complex, demanding, risky, and economically under-performative. Parts of education also mislead it. Sara Kolata has lived it and works on bringing positive change.

AutoCAD 2024—Dania El Hassan Talks About AI, M-chip Support, and Meeting Customers Where They Are

CAD technology is still ‘leading-edge’ at Autodesk—latest OS-based technologies, AI, machine learning, and new Apple Silicon make AutoCAD anything but old-fashioned.

Industry Voices: 'Attacking Technology as a Design Problem,' with Evan Troxel, AIA

Architects take the friction out of the way their clients live and work, yet they still need to remove industry-specific friction from their own practices. The TRXL Podcast is aiming to help fix that.

A&E Optimism—Where it Comes From and How to Maintain It
Deep Insights about Vectorworks 2023 — Execs Talk to Architosh
The Roberts Interview—Ahead of the Graphisoft 2022 Release Event
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Features: Product In-Depth

Solibri Inside and Vectorworks—Advancing BIM for Users

Solibri Inside is more than just quality assurance for BIM models. It provides a way for architects to deliver better designs for their clients and, in the future, will lead to real-time QA feedback that can even keep architects from making mistakes.

ARES Trinity — A Review of the Industry Leading DWG CAD Software

We have taken a deep dive into the native DWG CAD ecosystem from Germany, and Architosh finds much to admire in this industry leader.

Flexible Modern Workflows with AutoCAD Web and Mobile

Accelerating modern workflow processes today requires the agility and connectivity that only cloud-connected applications can deliver. AutoCAD on the web and on mobile is at the heart of these case studies, precisely showing such acceleration.

Apple's Leading-Edge Plus PC Hardware Ecosystem Deployed on Vectorworks Cloud Services
Tect—A Promising Platform Can Provide Key Gains for Architects and Manufacturers Alike
The New AutoCAD Web—Streamlined Collaboration for CAD Professionals
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CL3VER is thrilled to collaborate with one of the most respected institutions in the architectural world.

Features: Firm and Artist Profiles

Jumping Out In Front—How BOXX Workstations with AMD Processors Transformed Frantom Designs' Creative Workflows

Frantom Designs has moved to BOXX workstations with AMD chips, and it has transformed their design workflows dramatically.

Stantec gains faster multitasking AEC workflows with AMD Radeon PRO GPUs.

Rendering workflows have always pushed computer hardware to the limit and still do. And they can altogether tie up a computer during render time. Stantec has gotten beyond this limit thanks to AMD Radeon PRO GPUs.

First Principles and Vectorworks BIM Shine at UK-based Studio Partington

A less ideological approach to utilizing BIM marries well with this UK architecture practice’s organic path to expertise in sustainable design leadership in architecture, policy, and research.

Slowing the Climate Crisis—Habit Studio Firm Profile
GKV — Diversification and Adaptability with Vectorworks
Pandemic Footing—Flansburgh's Deft Response to Remote BIM Workflows
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Features: Viewpoint

Viewpoint: BIM Technology for Construction Project Management

BIM has become a ubiquitous tool in the construction industry, for digital construction and project management,

Viewpoint: The Case for BIM in Precast Concrete Prefabricated Buildings

Precast concrete detailing tools used to model prefabricated buildings streamline the design and documentation process and aid construction.

Why Builders use BIM for Cost Savings

BIM technologies and BIM services are greatly benefitting the business of construction, and not just for large firms. Learn how exactly in this Viewpoint feature.

Viewpoint: How BIM offers better efficiency during design and construction phases
Why Good UX Design Matters in the BIM Software Industry
How generative design can change the process of product development
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Featured Video

Featured Video: Vectorworks Architect 2017

In this featured video, Architosh showcases the key features in Vectorworks 2017 so that readers and users of this software can get excited about what comes next! Vectorworks 2018 is just around the corner.

Featured Video: The New OrthoGraph I System

In this featured video Architosh showcases all the capabilities and uses of the all new OrthoGraph I mobile cloud-based app for Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices, used in conjunction with laser distance meters like the Leica DISTO D2. Learn how to streamline field dimensioning and take data straight into BIM and CAD applications.

Featured Video: The All New Vectorworks 2017

In this featured video, Architosh showcases all the new great features in the new Vectorworks 2017 product range, including some BIM interoperability capabilities including native Revit import.

Featured Video: Vectorworks Design Summit—2016 Chicago
Featured Video: Vectorworks 2016—An Introduction
Featured Video: Autodesk Fusion 360—Collaboration

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