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Featured Video: Vectorworks Architect 2017

In this featured video, Architosh showcases the key features in Vectorworks 2017 so that readers and users of this software can get excited about what comes next! Vectorworks 2018 is just around the corner.

Get Pumped About Vectorworks Architect and What Comes Next

This featured video will get you excited about the BIM features in Vectorworks Architect 2017 and what comes next in version 2018 just around the corner. Take a look!

Key Items To Watch For

Hit the play button to learn several key features in Vectorworks Architect, including:

  • easily create complex site models in 3D by importing in GIS data
  • create complex forms quickly with push & pull modeling
  • develop sophisticated facades with Marionette algorithmic design tools
  • work in teams with new multi-person file access
  • import in IFC and Revit data from BIM team members

To learn more about Vectorworks Architect visit them online here. Or read one of our latest features on the software (see, Architosh, “Product Review: Vectorworks Architect 2017,” 2 Dec 2016)

Images from Video

01 – Import GIS data into Vectorworks Architect 2017 to create 3D site models.

02 – Produce complex shapes and surfaces in 3D with Marionette algorithmic design tools.

03 – Work in teams with new teamwork capabilities in Vectorworks 2017.





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