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Our Ethical Promise

In our endeavor to promote the highest standards of journalistic integrity, our editorial policy and philosophy are outlined on this page.

Architosh is fashioned as an online magazine (online publication) and sustains its economic life through the age-old formula of “advertising” and now reader “subscription” to our premium content branded as architosh INSIDER. Although we are small in size, we are big in spirit, ambition, intention, and professionalism.

Since our launch in 1999, we have endeavored to balance editorial coverage with financial needs. In the beginning, our editorial target area was small as Apple struggled to come back to life from its near-death experience in the late mid 90’s. We focused — both out of reader interest and financial necessity — on the few big players in the Mac CAD and 3D world. At the same time, we encouraged and advocated for smaller developers interested in expanding the Mac CAD/3D sphere.

Today after many worrying years the health of Apple and its abundantly expanding Mac platform has helped us to expand our addressable editorial target area, and we now include iOS platform news. This is good news for all fronts. Firstly, it means there are more players in the Mac and iOS markets. This means our editorial target area has become richer with new and expanding companies and products. Secondly, it means we are less beholden to a few large, benevolent, and consistent supporters. This greatly relieves the natural pressure all small publications face: balancing economic survival with the desire for absolute editorial neutrality.

We have always striven to provide unbiased, fair and reader-driven content on Architosh. We promise to continue that trend as we expand to address this larger Mac and iOS CAD/3D sphere. Our latest efforts, in this case, are bound in our news subscription initiatives branded under architosh INSIDER, a new section of the site which will develop specialized content our readers have asked for and will continue to ask for.

Our new site architecture will give us the tools we need to follow the interest of our readers. This will enable us to steer our editorial direction around the type of content Architosh readers are seeking and interested in. At the same time, we will continue to shape and develop our 4-Quarter Editorial Calendar around the needs and trends that we see are taking shape in our industries.

Our Promises

We seek to shape fair, neutral and focused editorial coverage around these promises:

  • Provide neutral, fact-driven “product reviews” aimed at demonstration and capabilities.
  • Publish “all news” provided to us on a “neutral news queue” (NNQ) system.
  • Provide an open-admission contributor policy.
  • Allow any corporate sponsor, or reader, a “ViewPoint” article admission platform.
  • Publish a free MediaKit with our 4-Quarter Editorial Calendar.
  • Exhibit fresh thinking and open-mindedness.
Through such promises, readers can be assured that all [Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android CAD and 3D] companies are capable of being well-served at Architosh with their media needs.
  • That any current corporate sponsor or advertiser can use Architosh as an “open-mic” for essay discussion, debate, promotion, comparison or critique via a constant article admission platform.
  • That our published MediaKit and topical 4-quarter Editorial Calendar affords companies advanced notice (a year in advance) of topical coverage allowing them ample time to prepare and contact us for superb media coverage.
  • And that our editorial views will constantly be expanding to watch for the next big thing on the horizon while maintaining a connection to that which is relevant.

Our Disclosures

We promise to disclose when our article coverage was partially or fully afforded to us by the financial assistance of corporate sponsors, event sponsors, or non-sponsors. Press events hosted by software companies often come with free transportation, hotel, food, shows, and small corporate gifts (eg: pens, hats, USB drives, et cetera). These are perfect examples of where full disclosure is expected of us and we will provide it within the “lead article” (in the case of a related series of articles the lead article may not be the first in the series) or articles for which it applies. (eg: (disclosure: GRAPHISOFT SE paid for all air travel, hotel for the event days, and some meals).)

Additionally, we will also provide full disclosure (with the exception of Apple due to our publication’s historic focus area and the constancy of presence of that company in our writing) of securities to any and all companies held by Architosh’s owners or managing partners. (eg: (disclosure: Architosh owns securities in ARM – Advanced RISC Machines). ) You can find a list of companies for which we had a business interest in or hold securities (at the time of publication) AND which we have directly written about listed below. This information will always be listed here on this page:

  • Apple (AAPL) **
  • ARM Holdings (now wholly owned subsidiary in Japan’s Softbank) **
  • Corning (NYSE: GLW)
  • 37signals LLC (we no longer have any associative business relationship) **
  • Simulicity, Inc.

** = means currently do not hold securities or interest at update log date shown below.

Update Log

11 Dec 2017 — Last update to this page

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