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Ultimate iPad Guide: Apps that Architects Enjoy

This is suppose to be the fun category and we do indeed feel there are some fun and interesting apps included in this latest installment of our guide series. Find out what our Gem is below.

Apps that Architects Enjoy

This is not a fact-checked list of “things we know architects enjoy” as much as it is a type of reference to things we believe an architect might enjoy. We’ll set the record straight straight away.

We have a short list of ten apps. For starters we need to mention Pinterest as this app is quite good, as is the site in general. The app’s interface is very much like the website and on the iPad with all that real estate is quite useable. (see image 01). If you don’t have a Pinterest account you may want to check it out.

01 – Pinterest is an app that allows you to access your Pinterest account for the popular social website where you pin up things you like.

02 – National Geographic World Atlas is a beautiful app that is also useful for traveling or travel planning.

03 – Photosynth by Microsoft is a neat app for creating full spherical panoramas in addition to horizontal ones. Perfect for the Duomo of Florence.

Perhaps before you have something to pin on Pinterest you may want to go do some traveling. While traveling you should no doubt plan to do some sketching. ASKetch is a charcoal-like drawing app for those who love that medium. For those who don’t you should perhaps consider Paper by 53 highlighted as a Gem on another list. To aid your travels you might want to check out National GeoGraphic World Atlas. (see image 02). With it you can help plan your journey.

Taking pictures will be natural while traveling so plan on using your iPhone or iPad’s camera. A lot. Instagram certainly has a following but Photosynth by Microsoft may be of interest for capturing full spherical panoramas. (see image 03)

The List (10 Apps)

By no means an exclusive or exhaustive list, we think these ten apps might be found very enjoyable by architects and designers. From sketching to design classics to great ideas communicated through superb talks, this tight list has a lot to offer. Again, if you feel there is something missing that should be here, please email us. Without further ado:

  • Architizer — this app works with the online site by the same name. However it is primarily a viewer app and does not allow you to upload and work with your Architizer online account. (63 reviews, 3 1/2 stars) Free
  • ASKetch — for the shear joy of being an artist, this app is a treat if you love to draw with fat charcoal pencils. (132 reviews, 4 stars) 2.99.USD
  • Instagram — this app transforms your mere iPhone or iPad photos into works of art with interesting filter effects. You then share them on the popular site breathing a social dimension into your photographic journeys.  (100k reviews, 5 stars) Free
  • National Geographic World Atlas — what architect wants to live without a view of the world? This app is quite nice and features beautiful map imagery. Built with the Retina Display in mind, the latest version has all new maps. You can plan a trip with this app, pin locations, store your pins in the cloud, get up-to-the minute weather and more…including the latest currency exchanges. Perfect for traveling if you have a cell-data plan on your iPad or iPhone. (1,893 reviews, 4 stars) 1.99.USD.
  • Phaidon Design Classics — this app is more like a book and features a comprehensive and researched collection of the most important product designs of the past 200 years, from designers and architects like Le Corbusier. (38 reviews, 4 stars) 28.99.USD
  • Photosynth — interesting that we would be featuring a Microsoft app here but Photosynth is a useful app that creates panoramas stitching images together. The cool thing about this app is that you can make not just horizontal panos but vertical ones thereby creating spherical pano experiences. (3,703 reviews, 4 1/2 stars)
  • Pinterest — this app allows you to work with your Pinterest social media account. Pinterest is a tool to find your inspiration and share it with others. Perfect for both architects and their clients, actually! (441k reviews, 4 1/2 stars) Free
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock — okay this is another iPhone exclusive app on the iPad list. We think it merits a mention. Why? Because architects are notorious for staying up late and burning the mid-night oil. Visit any architecture school in the world near semester end and you will understand why. What better than to re-calibrate yourself as a full-fledged adult, post-A-school? This app uses the accelerometer to watch your body’s movements and time your ideal wake time based on where you are in your REM cycle. Remarkable! (31,998 reviews, 4 1/2 stars).
  • TED — inspirational lecture conference series available on your iPad from this iconic conference series. There are more than 1,400 TEDTalk videos, and more added each week. (1033 reviews, not rated) Free
  • Yes is more: Archicomic on Architectural Evolution by BIG — this is a comic book app produced by the Copenhagen-based group BIG. Originally a printed book, this digital version brings three extra chapters with projects recently developed. Moreover, it includes 25 videos and 360 degree images. (3 reviews, not rated) 9.99.USD

The Gem in this Group

Before we pick our Gem in this group we also want to mention Phaidon’s app. It is quite beautiful, like most things by Phaidon. We recommend you take a peak.

The app we have chosen for our Gem in this enjoyment category is Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock by Maciek Drejack Labs. While not an iPad app at all–it apparently works with iPad too but it is ideally meant for the iPhone and is optimized for the iPhone 5–this app is so cool as an idea. Basically the app is a sleep aid.

04 – Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is one of the hottest coolest apps on the iOS platform and has been featured on CNN, Wired, The Wall Street Journal and more.

This  alarm clock app watches you sleep by watching your movement and understanding the science of sleep it knows where you are within your REM sleep cycles and wakes you up within a short window of time in the ideal time–which is doing your lightest sleep phase. It is during the lightest sleep phase that when we awake we feel the most rested and relaxed for the day.

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