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Apple working to trademark OpenCL

Apple seeks to trademark OpenCL as new industry standard for parallelization of software across both CPU and GPU hardware.

MacNN has  a report on Apple seeking to trademark OpenCL, the technology Apple developed in-house and then offered up to the industry as an open-standard. The standard is now being managed by the Khronos Group, the same group that manages the OpenGL graphics technology standard. 

OpenCL is software technology that enables developers to tap the vast amounts of un-used power in graphics cards (GPUs) for tasks not related to graphics. The industry in general has taken well to OpenCL and the number of companies behind it include tech giants like Intel, Nvidia, AMD/ATI, Qualcomm, 3DLabs, Electronic Arts, Blizzard and many others. 

As we remarked this report, the one company that is not behind OpenCL — which will be managed independent of Apple and will be a royalty-free industry standard — is Microsoft, which seeks to compete with OpenCL using proprietary Microsoft technology.

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