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SIG: Khronos releases OpenGL 3.2

The Khronos Group has announced OpenGL version 3.2 at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans.


The Khronos Group today announced the new OpenGL 3.2 implementation. The latest GPU functionality for cross-platform standard 3D graphics is now available and is now closely aligned with OpenCL, Apple’s developed standard for parallel computing, as well as further alignment with OpenGL ES for mobile graphics and the new WebGL standard for 3D on the web. 

OpenGL 3.2

OpenGL 3.2 is the third major update in twelve months to the most widely adopted 2D and 3D graphics API (application programming interface). This new release continues the rapid evolution of the OpenGL standard to enable graphics developers to portably access cutting-edge GPU functionality across diverse operating systems and platforms. 

OpenGL 3.2 adds features for enhanced performance, increased visual quality, accelerated geometry processing and easier portability of Direct3D applications. In addition, the evolution of OpenGL and other standards within the Khronos, including OpenCL for parallel computing, OpenGL ES, and the new WebGL standard for 3D on the Web, are being coordinated to create a powerful graphics and compute ecosystem that spans many applications, markets and devices. The installed base of OpenGL 3.2 compatible GPUs already exceeds 150 million units. New features include:

  • increased performance for vertex arrays and fence sync objects to avoid idling while waiting for resource shared by between CPU and GPU, or multiple CPU threads
  • Improved pipeline programmability, including geometry shaders in the OpenGL core,
  • Boosted cube map visual quality and multisampling rendering flexibility by enabling shaders to directly process texture samples

To learn more you can read this report link at the Khronos Group website.

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