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M1 25 Beta Group member Steve Holzer Wins Free M1 Mac mini!

Steve Holzer wins M1 Mac mini as part of M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh — he shares some of his enthusiasm for Architosh and the new machine.


M1 25 Beta Group – Winner of M1-based Mac mini announced this week

Architosh M1 25 Beta Group — winner of free M1 Mac mini to be selected and announced this week — all earned free INSIDER Membership.


Join M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh

The M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh — help define and learn about Architosh’s future features and earn a chance to win a free M1 Mac mini!


Third Annual Architosh ‘INSIDER Report’ Due Early February

The next issue of architosh INSIDER Reports will come in February and will pack a punch on Algorithms-aided Design (AAD) content for AEC users.


Architosh Turns 20—Learn What Comes Next

Architosh turns 20 years-old this month but we don’t have much time to look back. With a slightly different mission statement Architosh is looking forward with new publishing products like the Xpresso newsletter and new areas of focus.


Press Coverage: Architosh’s Founder/Editor Featured in Two Publications

Limelight: Architosh gets it healthy share of it this week being featured in two other key publications—the longstanding The MacObserver in a podcast episode and the new State of Digital Publishing.


Architosh’s 10 Most Popular Articles of 2017

These are the stories from 2017 that most caught our reader’s attention.


Architosh Site Update: Where Did The Commenting Go? —Answers and More

Architosh’s commenting system is currently but only temporarily down. New commenting will arrive with new whole site updates greatly improving the user-experience across all devices.


SIG: Mac 3D Exhibitor Preview List for SIGGRAPH 2015

Architosh will be covering the big SIGGRAPH 2015 conference and exhibition in Los Angeles which started this weekend with the exhibition starting in a couple of days.


Architosh Design Revamp Explained—Granular and Visual Update

Longstanding site development goals have been put into place to make the site more visually pleasing, more graphically focused and easier for readers to find topics they care about.


Architosh Reader Survey: Sharing Some Feedback

We briefly discuss the ongoing Architosh Reader Feedback Survey and what some folks are sharing…and hope you can help us by taking it as well. Plus, you gain a chance to win a free Apple Watch Sport!


Take the Architosh Reader Survey and Enter a Chance to Win an Apple Watch Sport

Architosh is asking its readers to help provide useful feedback to steer the future direction of the online publication. Participants will be entered into a random draw to win a free Apple Watch Sport model, valued at $350.USD, plus gain a free industry report valued at $49.USD. Help us make Architosh better so that more Apple users enjoy its platforms in the CAD, 3D and AEC markets.


Architosh publishes Mac professional workstation survey results

In this special feature report, Architosh publishes the results of its first workstation survey conducted in late 2014 and aimed at understanding the pro (professional) desktop needs of numerous customers Apple refers to as Mac pros. Not to be confused with the product Mac Pro, today Apple’s Mac pros work across its iMac range in numerous industries, including and importantly to this publication, the Architecture industry.


Architosh to publish its Mac Workstation Survey Study in January 2015

Architosh will publish its first survey study on Mac workstation hardware use by pro users in January of 2015. The survey will answer key questions, summarize diverse workflow cases and provide detailed guidance to pro Mac users.


Tidbits: V-Ray 2 for SketchUp, AIA TAP Awards, IMSI News and more…

Mac CAD and 3D News — We have news tidbits on V-Ray for SketchUp, An IMSI-Design product line summary, AIA TAP Awards program for 2015 and lastly a preview of Architosh features coming this end of year.


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