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Architosh Site Update: Where Did The Commenting Go? —Answers and More

Architosh’s commenting system is currently but only temporarily down. New commenting will arrive with new whole site updates greatly improving the user-experience across all devices.


Architosh readers may have experienced the inability to comment on posts over the past couple of weeks. This is due to our need to replace our commenting system with new technology as part of a major update to the site.

Our commenting system, which was based on the Social plugin for WordPress, co-created by the developers behind Survey Monkey and WordPress developer Crowd Favorite, has been ripped out and replaced. The new commenting functionality will come back in the next few weeks once we update our entire site.

Commenting But So Much More

Architosh is currently working behind the scenes on additional site updates, addressing many of the concerns shared with us by our readers about how to improve the experience of viewing and reading Architosh. We look forward to these changes and can’t wait to introduce them.

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