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Architosh launches Mac Workstation professional survey study for Pro Users

In our first hardware study to look at the professional markets that Apple has traditionally served, Architosh has launched a survey in order to comprehensively study the market for professional desktop/workstation hardware needs across a range of “pro” industries.

[Editor’s Note: This survey report is underway and while you are welcome to complete the survey below so you can view the survey data answers collected thus far, please bear in mind your individual data may not make it into the published reports, both at the numerical level and the quotation level. We still welcome and hope you fill out the survey and share your feedback. It will contribute to our on-going research and some feedback may in fact make into our writing or we may choose to contact you as well. Thanks for participating! – AFR. 15 Dec 2014. ] 


Architosh has conducted several industry studies over the years and will be commencing in a number of new studies in the coming months. This is the first time we have conducted a hardware study directed at Mac Professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction, sciences, film and visual effects industries—the demographic that is served by Architosh’s editorial focus.

Mac Professional’s and Their Desktop Needs

This survey is squarely aimed at understanding the needs of Mac-based professionals, or Mac Pros, as some in the industry refer to them. However, it is also aimed at anyone who has ever considered a Mac computer for these professional markets. We want to learn about why users choose or don’t choose iMacs and Mac Pros and we want to learn why many professionals in the above mentioned markets choose to ignore Macs altogether—even if their professional software tools are natively available for the OS X platform.

01 - The Foundry presenting MARI for OS X at Apple's 2013 WWDC, special session on the new Mac Pro.

01 – The Foundry presenting MARI for OS X at Apple’s 2013 WWDC, special session on the new Mac Pro. Some applications like MARI take advantage of unique and leading-edge hardware options, while many users simply do not run apps that leverage such hardware. What professional apps do you use and what is your ideal workstation pro desktop needs look like? That is the study we are undertaking with this new survey effort.

Survey participants shall be professionals or college-aged individuals training for the following professions and industries listed below:

  • Architecture
  • Engineering (all fields)
  • Construction
  • Industrial / Product Design
  • 3D / Visualization / Film and Television Industries
  • Science and Medicine

The Survey: Timing and Publication

The survey takes just five minutes to complete and we ask users if they may also wish to be contacted for an interview for future publication purposes. All participants will receive a graphics results report once they complete the survey in full (representative of the data up to that point). This will happen at the completion of their survey data. All those who are chosen for an interview will also receive further in-depth analysis and market research on this topic related to the survey. Architosh will be contacting and interviewing dozens of individual professionals.

Architosh will also publish information on the results of this study onsite as well. To inquire about the survey please contact the editor-in-chief.

Take the Survey Now

Here is the link to the survey. 

[Editor’s note: We have clarified that at the end of the survey each participant will receive results data in the form of graphs so long as they have completed the survey in full. Those who participate further in the form of an interview will also receive additional analysis and market information in an available report at a later date, compliments of Architosh. – 5 Sep 2014: 8:05 AM EDT]

[Editor’s Note: We briefly edited the second to the last paragraph in this article, adding the note that we will be contacting several dozens of individuals on the survey for interview purposes. – 6 Sep 2014: 7:20 AM]

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  1. For Mac-based professionals, you might want to participate in Architosh survey.

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