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Open Invitation: Join Architosh AEC Technology Evaluation Group

Are you a tech-forward user in AEC/O? If so, consider joining Architosh’s AEC Technology Evaluation Group (AATEG). The group will have selective access to new and evolving technologies and various events Architosh hosts for AEC/O industry users, including private events with AEC technology companies.


Architosh is establishing an AEC Technology Evaluation Group and is extending an open invitation to AEC/O firms to join the new group.

The AATEG (Architosh AEC Technology Evaluation Group) will serve as a pool of technology users who will be made aware of new product offerings (often not released) from AEC technology companies and have the opportunity to participate directly with those technology companies.

Group’s Purpose

Ranging from startups and new entrants to very well-established AEC tech companies, all such companies often need to reach users in the AEC/O industry to help them evaluate emerging products and technologies, refine and redefine existing products and technologies, and otherwise reach out and learn from early adopter users who historically benefit from an outsized influence and impact on new digital technologies.

As an example, Ricoh of Japan has worked directly with Architosh on a program that involved its market-leading 360-degree digital cameras. Those AEC firms who participated gained access to not-yet-released new hardware and software technology and were able to test out such tech within the context of their actual projects. The full program included numerous benefits to program participants, whose primary task was putting Ricoh’s technology to test in real-life workflows and being willing to discuss their findings in an Architosh-hosted webinar series.

AEC technology program

For tech-forward users and firms, joining the AATEG (pronounced Aay-teg) gains you selective direct access to AEC technology companies and various programs in which you can choose to play a part. Some programs will feature solutions and tech that are “edge-of-market,” and others established “center market” solutions that are evolving and offer new benefits to the market that most may be unaware of.

Those in the AATEG who select and are chosen to participate in evaluation programs with technology companies gain several benefits beyond just having early access and early knowledge of emerging solutions. These benefits can include the use of beta technologies (even alpha level), provided technologies, and products that participants can use (or keep) without cost, indefinitely, or within time limits. Additionally, technology companies may offer to consult and hire participants for various direct feedback and product testing refinement tasks. One of the most important benefits for such participants is their ability to have an outsized impact on the trajectory of the product or technology’s development direction. Finally, in some AATEG programs, there may be participant raffle contests and similar events and free merch!

Architosh’s AATEG Role

Our primary role with AATEG is to be a “connector” between AEC/O industry users and technology solution providers and innovators. Our other prime role is that of “platform host,” such as in the example of hosting webinars, events, or content features based on work conducted by AATEG participants and technology companies. In the interest of full disclosure, technology companies will contract with us for such services and roles. We play no role in “advocacy” for the technologies and solutions in programs in the AATEG other than in encouraging users to engage with such programs to learn about, use, gain experience with, and help refine the future of AEC/O industry digital technologies.

Joining AATEG

We have multiple programs in development with technology vendors. To learn who they are, you must join the AATEG by signing up with this entry form. We will then contact you with further details about the companies and programs.

You can express interest in various programs once you are a member and have learned about them.


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