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Architosh and Editor Receive BAC Honor at ABX Boston 2013

Achievements in 14 years of industry technology writing and publishing earn honor from Boston architecture school at ABX 2013


It is with much appreciation and excitement that I am happy to share with Architosh’s readers, and the industry at large, an award given and received this week at Architecture Boston Expo (ABX 2013) during the Boston Architecture College’s Annual Alumni Reception Event.

The award, the BAC’s Distinguished Alumni in Practice Award for Architecture for 2013 reads, “For distinguished work in the field as nominated and voted by his alumni peers.

The Boston Architectural College Alumni Association gratefully acknowledges the contributions you have made at the intersection of computer technology and the design process, informing the global architecture, engineering, and construction communities. Your achievements give witness to the mission of the BAC and your ideas serve as beacons of the design profession.”

Letter of Appreciation

Never being one who is good for names I didn’t dare to attempt to thank all the folks who have helped, supported, contributed or just served as “boosters” of what the Architosh site has been about for what is approaching 15 years.


Importantly, that mission largely stems from the site’s genesis and the role and opportunity in serving a global community who appreciate the work that gets done here at Architosh. I used my 60 seconds (I was actually told that…!) to tell the story, the best I could, of how and why this site exist. And yes! I went over my 60 seconds for my acceptance speech.

While I feel a great sense of satisfaction for being honored for my work with Architosh I know it did not happen without the efforts and blessings of many. And since this is the first time I’ve received an award of this importance for the site, I especially want to take the time to roll call and thank all those publicly who have been involved at key stages, at one level or another, big and small, along the way. You have helped this honor come to light and I am grateful. Without further ado:

For the excellent contributions both written and edited…

Pete Evans AIA, Senior Associate Editor. For tireless work in helping with the site over the years, excellent strategic insight, for the BIM report and reports to come and for your excellent companionship and help at the AIA National with the BEST OF SHOW award honors. 

Karen Popp, Business Development Advisor. For years of serving in the role of Business Development, the great insight and friendship. 

Tim Danaher, Associate Editor. For the amazing and comprehensive application reviews, tireless commitment to the Mac in the world of 3D, and for the contribution of some amazing models for use in application performance testing. 

Akiko Ashley, Associate Editor. For approaching me after my talk in New York City at the 3D NY User Group and friending me in our mutual pursuits and interests. Always illuminating, packed with insight and knowledge, Akiko has done a lot more than just contribute great articles to Architosh. 

Greg Miller and Rick Bernstein, Associate Editors. For excellent written feature product reviews. 

Mike Moore and William, Forum Moderators. A special thank you to two gentleman on opposite ends of the planet who gave tirelessly and as volunteers for years to our old forums. And for the great friendship William has provided through the years! 

Kemper Smith, Don Seidel, Frank Gennaccaro, Tom Lazear, Matthew Brewster and John Helm. For contributing wonderful, thoughtful and educational content through the years…your articles were well received. 

Sauro Agostini, Contributor. For a very special Viewpoint on the Evolution of CAD on the Macintosh, by someone who has been involved in the platform in Europe from the beginning. Thank you for that special post. 

Louis B Smith, Contributor and Dear Friend. For such wonderful friendship, interesting conversations and encouragement over the many years. And for Lisa Stacholy for her help in the recent popular BIM article

Briteny H-R (Hopper-Robledo). News. To my special and lovely daughter who since her late high school days and throughout college has written news and by-lined articles along the way…and continues to do so.

For continuous and early critical support, encouragement and friendship….

Monish K. Bhatia, CEO, Executive Publisher and Editor, MacNN. For years of hosting Architosh and for so many years of advice, strategy and collaboration. 

Daren Mahaffy and P. Pearson of For all the years of linking to our content and bringing our specialized Mac news to the larger Mac news world at large. 

Bryan Chaffin and John Martellar of The Mac Observer. For years of support, encouragement and for links to our content. 

To many others in the Apple and Mac news space whose names are too numerous to mention.

Greg Conyngham of Integrated CADD Services. For years of encouragement, connections and special support for fostering the Architosh mission. 

Richard Diehl and Sean Flaherty of Nemetschek North America (now Nemetschek Vectorworks). For that early first executive interview story idea you brought to Architosh which set into motion our trend setting course of interviewing the most distinguished and influential software executives around the world. 

Dan Monaghan, Robert Anderson, Dr. Biplab Sarkar, Jeffrey Quellette, Paul Pharr, Theresa Downs, Lisa Lance, Wes Gardner and many others….at Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc. for years of engagement and corporate underwriting as an advertiser. 

Nader Family, CEO and Co-Founder of BoA Research. For being Architosh’s first official sponsor/underwriter and for years of engagement and encouragement. 

Vikto Varkonyi, Akos Pfemeter, Tibor Szolnoki, Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, Eniko Pauko, Marrianne Sims, Kurt Ameringer and many others…at GRAPHISOFT in Hungary, for being so diehard Mac fans as I am and for years of engagement and corporate underwriting as an advertiser. 

Ryan Kish, AEC Software. For years of engagement, encouragement and underwriting as an advertiser.

Tom Reyburn, Worldwide Developer Relations, Apple. For reaching out to me early, for setting up so many essential things at Apple, making connections, having a great lunch and listening to my ideas about what Apple should do. 

Kenny Lee, Business Marketing at Apple. For all the support and for helping to develop the now defunct Architecture marketing pages and for the educational market connections. 

Richard Kerris, formerly at Apple and the man responsible for bringing Maya to the Mac. For allowing me to interview you at SIGGRAPH many many moons ago….so much respect for your career achievements.

Jacques Sedille, Senior Manager, Apple Europe. For being an architect on the inside and for years of parallel efforts and for support and encouragement. 

And for several others at Apple….

Alex Mazzardo, solidThinking co-creator. For creating a landmark product for industrial design and wanting to showcase it on Architosh. For years of underwriting as an advertiser and much more….

Bob Mayer and Royal Farros, IMSI Design. For years of engagement, encouragement and underwriting through advertising

John Bacus, SketchUp’s product manager…for all the years of engagement, support and for the corporate underwriting through advertising

Tony Norton and Angela Giordano, solidThinking, Inc. for being passionate about the Mac in Industrial Design and for underwriting through advertising through the years.

Tad Shelby, formerly of Apple, for all the years of encouragement and friendship and wanting to help Architosh help Apple rock the AEC market! 

Rob Hoffmann, Autodesk, for setting up key interviews with Autodesk at Macworld SF when Autodesk started to get its Mac game on. Thanks for all the encouragement and support and engagement. 

Carl Bass, CEO Autodesk. For granting me an interview for our special CEO series back in 2011. That series was a very special part of our year at Architosh.

Chris and Alexandria Yessio of AutoDesSys, makers of formZ….for years of staying behind the Mac and for engagement and support of Architosh.

Chris Bentley, AMD/ATI…for years of encouragement, friendship and support with content engagement and so on…

I have to thank all the others who have been a part of making Architosh happen financially and I’ll just list the companies from here out but I do want readers to know that Architosh is here today because each and everyone of those listed below:

  • Apple
  • Abvent
  • AEC Software
  • @Last Software
  • BoA Research
  • BeLight
  • Bentley
  • Bluebeam
  • Element Software
  • FormFonts 3D
  • Google
  • Graphisoft
  • HotDoor Inc.
  • ICS
  • IMSI/Design
  • Matrox
  • MacroEnter
  • Nemetschek Vectorworks
  • Rand Worldwide
  • Resolve
  • rForm
  • Punch
  • solidThinking Inc.
  • Strata
  • 3Dconnexion

For all the others who have played parts small or large over the years or “just recently” for support and friendship (Friends of Architosh)

  • Dr. Joel Orr and Brad Holtz (Cyon Research folks)
  • Francois Levy
  • Franco Folini
  • Hue Roberts AIA (Bentley)
  • James Scapa (Altair)
  • Jerry Laiserin
  • the late Joe Greco
  • Martyn Day
  • Micah Dickerson (Autodesk)
  • Paul Babb (Maxon)
  • Randall Newton
  • Robert McNeel (Rhino)
  • Rob Maguire (Autodesk)
  • Tomas Egger (Electric Image)
  • Tim Olson (Punch)
  • Tuomas Holma (CadFaster)
  • Victor Gonzalez (Next Limit)
  • Saan Hurley (Autodesk)
  • Noah Cole (Autodesk)
  • Liz Tjostolvsen
  • Jeff Mottle (
  • Matthew Sederberg (Autodesk)
  • Stephane Laroye (DIALOG)
  • Steve Burns FAIA
  • Charles Good-Man
  • Thomas Teger (Luxion)
  • Randy Yerzyk
  • Alex King (Crowd Favorite)
  • Lachmi Khemlani
  • Julianna Gulden
  • Kevin Cahill
  • Matt Rivecchi
  • Robert Coulling (Microspot UK)
  • Rick Stavanja
  • Scott Sindorf
  • Lance Evans
  • Eric Batte
  • Matt Ostanik AIA
  • Mario Massimo Mazzardo
  • Rob Pfaffmann
  • Phil Read
  • Eytan Fichman
  • Ildiko Szabo (Abvent)
  • Laszlo Vertesi (Graphisoft)
  • Jimmy Su (Arup)
  • Kemper Smith
  • Reese Schroeder
  • Kevin Latady
  • Jonathan Pickup
  • Jessie Newburn (aka JessieX)
  • Susan Hopper
  • Steve Keyser AIA
  • Janet and Gavin Malenfont
  • Brad Parscale
  • Andrew Witt (Gehry Technologies)
  • Andrew Guidry
  • Bob Augustine
  • Helen Nersesova (BeLight)
  • Barry Isakson
  • David Caruso
  • Michael Oh (founder, Tech SuperPowers)
  • Greg Graham
  • Ildiko Robledo…my dear wife…
  • and many others I am sure I am missing….

For my friends, colleagues and family who are very dear to me and always have my back. You all know who you are…!

And of course I must thank again Ted Landsmark, President of the BAC and the board of directors and alumni board and awards committee who voted in my favor. I am so appreciative.

Last but not least…and a very special thank you to these gentlemen…

Guy Kowasaki…the legendary Apple early employee who galvanized the troops in the late 90’s and who shared my early site with everyone and that’s how it all got started! 

David Silverman…who nominated me for this award and by doing so brought me to the attention of the BAC Alumni Committee. You are the best! 

Thank you all.


Reader Comments

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  2. — Architosh receives honor at ABX 2013 by BAC Alum Group

  3. — Architosh receives honor at ABX 2013 by BAC Alum Group

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  8. Architosh and Editor Receive BAC Honor at ABX Boston 2013 – A well deserved award. Congrats!

  9. Architosh and Editor Receive BAC Honor at ABX Boston 2013 – A well deserved award. Congrats!

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  11. #CAD #Architosh and Editor Anthony Frausto-Robledo receive BAC Honor at ABX Boston 2013 Congrats, Anthony!

  12. #CAD #Architosh and Editor Anthony Frausto-Robledo receive BAC Honor at ABX Boston 2013 Congrats, Anthony!

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