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Press Coverage: Architosh’s Founder/Editor Featured in Two Publications

Limelight: Architosh gets it healthy share of it this week being featured in two other key publications—the longstanding The MacObserver in a podcast episode and the new State of Digital Publishing.


As Architosh slides into its 19th birthday in the coming days, it has been nice to see some recognition come to editor-in-chief and founder, Anthony Frausto-Robledo—for nearly two decades of dedication to all things CAD and 3D on the Apple Mac platform.

Press Releases

Architosh has recently updated its website and we now have our Press Releases and Newsroom page up and linked in our footer. We have released two press releases on both publication’s coverage of Anthony and Architosh there.

Architosh in the Media

The State of Digital Publishing

On Monday of this week the relatively young but important new website, State of Digital Publishing, published its feature interview with Anthony Frausto-Robledo. The interview focuses on a brief history of Architosh, the tools of the trade we use at Architosh, and a brief description of challenges we see ahead of us.  You can read the feature here.

01 – State of Digital Publishing interviewed Architosh founder and EIC.

Podcast Episode: “Background Mode” with John Martello

Also on Monday of this week, The MacObserver, a prominent leading Apple-centric publication, had Anthony on its podcast show “Background Mode” with John Martello. John,—who was working for Apple at the time he first met Anthony—says that Apple thought of Anthony as “one of its heroes” for the work being down with Architosh.

John’s radio-style episode with Anthony asked about his background and how he became an architect, what is involved and what the state-of-the-art is in the industry with technology and architectural practice. The discussion also covers the new iMac Pro and if it is a true “stake in the sand” by Apple that it cares about its Mac pro customers or not. Anthony shares his comments about the future Mac Pro and what other markets it may be useful for.

You can listen to this 30-minute discussion here.



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