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SIG: Mac 3D Exhibitor Preview List for SIGGRAPH 2015

Architosh will be covering the big SIGGRAPH 2015 conference and exhibition in Los Angeles which started this weekend with the exhibition starting in a couple of days.


Architosh is one again on the ground at SIGGRAPH 2015 in Los Angeles to cover the events of the largest computer graphics conference and exhibition in the United States. Over the next week plus some, we will be bring news reports of the latest releases, updates, product news and events from the show.

Like in year’s past, here’s a preview list of key companies we have our eyes on. All of them impact the 3D community in a major way, and most of them make this impact on Apple’s OS X and/or iOS platforms.

Below the list we include the SIGGRAPH 2015 Computer Animation Festival Trailer. Be sure to check it out.

Preview Exhibitor List: Make An Impact

We have provide notes in some cases. Follow the links to company websites to learn more.

  • AMD — AMD will be on hand showing its latest graphics  processing units and other related hardware. AMD has been a popular decision by the game console makers (e.g.: Sony, Nintendo, etc). Importantly, the company’s GPUs power the new Mac Pro (nMP) that has been controversial for Apple. (#723)
  • Autodesk — the software giant will be showcasing its arsenal of 3D, visualization, film and compositing software, popular across several industries, particularly media and entertainment (M&E) industries. (#317) **
  • AVERE — a hybrid cloud systems company for M&E companies and other high-performance oriented industries. The company has partnered with Google. They will be talking about cloud rendering at the show, including big name VFX players via the partnership with Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS). (#310)
  • Black magic Design — Makers of DaVinci Resolve 12 (#1019)
  • Blender Foundation — (#1111)
  • CGAL — The computational geometry algorithms library. Open source project in C++. (#328)
  • Chaos Group — the V-Ray folks have lots going on. (#807) *
  • Eizo — Eizo is the maker of some of the world’s best high-end monitors. (#338)
  • Ezri — GIS company is there showing its CityEngine, a procedural modeling tool that makes smart cities for use in feature films, TV/broadcast, etc. CityEngine is available for both Mac, Windows and Linux in both basic and advanced versions.
  • H+ Technology — this company has produced a true holographic display system, a hardware display in 3D for multi-party interaction. Looks very cool. (#852)
  • Imagineer Systems / Boris FX — The company makes the Mocha software for editing and visual effects. (#312)
  • Intel — showing processors and increasingly GPU variety. (#701)
  • Isotropix — this is a company we have mentioned once before. They make an entirely new 3D animation software that has been adopted by ILM. The company is based in France. The software is called clerisse iFX and is now at version 2.0. The program runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. (#1001)
  • Lightworks — the UK-based rendering engine company will be showing their software. (#923)
  • Luxion — makers of the popular KeyShot rendering application. (#813)
  • Maxon — the German software company has just released a new Cinema 4D. (#715) **
  • Nvidia — the GPU maker will be showing its goods in both software and hardware. (#500)
  • NGrain — an industrial-grade AR/VR software technology company. (#1013)
  • OTOY — a leading rendering and cloud technology with leading edge GPU rendering tech and applications (OctaneRender). (#845) **
  • PipelineFX — Qube! render farm technology solutions. (#801)
  • Pixar Animation Studios — Pixar’s RenderMan team will be demonstrating recent advances in Pixar’s core rendering technology, RenderMan 20.
  • Reallusion — cinematic animation tools software. (#236)
  • RebusFarm — a leading render farm service provider out of Germany. (#536)
  • Side Effects Software — makers of the famed Houdini, professional 3D animation software for use in films, broadcast, and games and more. The company will be talking about the Houdini Engine and upcoming plugins for the Unity game engine and Autodesk Maya. (#901) *
  • Smith Micro Software — makers of the popular 3d software Poser, Manga Studios, and Anime Studios, among other things like StuffitDeluxe Mac. (#915)
  • Speedtree — an Academy Award winner recipient software company, SpeedTree is a software suite of tools that fit into both gaming and visualization pipelines. SpeedTree Architect is a modeling tool for creating realistic, customized foliage for architectural visualizations and is aimed at fitting into the AEC pipeline with 3ds max and Rhino focused support. The tool also works with Cinema 4D and Maya. (#304)
  • The Foundry — one of the largest developers of professional 3D and visualization software tools, including now the famed modo. (#309) **
  • Unity Technologies — the makers of the famed gaming engine, Unity, in recent years this engine is finding purposes in more professional industries than gaming.
  • Wacom Technology — makers of their famous Wacom tablets for visual artists. (#628)

Architosh looks forward to covering announcements and news from many of these companies in the days ahead. All of these companies, or nearly all of them, have tech, apps and solutions for use by professionals using Mac computers. Some of the companies have more than a half dozen or more offerings and there is ample competition among some of these companies—The Foundry, Autodesk and Maxon, for example. Stay tuned!

Computer Animation Festival Trailer

Check out the trailer below. Some stunning work!

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