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New ToshLetter arrives March 3: get it now!

Architosh will be releasing a new ToshLetter on March 3, 2010. The popular newsletter is focused on executive-class discussion about pertinent issues in the Mac CAD and 3D industries and each issue generally resolves around a major topic. This upcoming issue centers on BIM and architecture.

[Editor’s note: We have revised the arrival date by two days folks. The ToshLetter will now arrive on March 3rd. If you were looking for it on March 1, you will start to see it come your way on the 3rd and beyond, depending on when you sign up. For those who sign-up after the 3rd the issue will be continually available for several months, so please just sign-up at the sign-up line below and be patient as we send them out every 3 weeks approximately. — AFR]

Architosh is bringing the popular ToshLetter PDF-based newsletter back to its readers. The latest ToshLetter will be sent out March 3, 2010, and is loaded with some premier CAD industry content — including a special exclusive segment of our Architosh interview with Viktor Varkoyni, CEO of Graphisoft, which touches on the future of ArchiCAD. Other exclusive items include details and reasons about Scia’s plans for North America and an analysis and self-analysis of our BIM report.

The ToshLetter was originally created and delivered back in 2005. The PDF-based and hyper-linked newsletter addresses the Mac CAD and 3D industries and brings a unique focus with original content aimed at executive-level discussion, feature articles, interviews and news. Each newsletter is organized around a topical range of issues and includes intelligent hyperlinks for further resources on the web. Some sample back-issues are available here for you to download and read. The newsletter is free but you must complete a brief subscription signup form.

ToshLetter 2010 – No. 1

This issue of the ToshLetter is focused on BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the architectural industry. A brief description of the table of contents (TOC) follows below:

  • Discussions about ArchiCAD: Interface and Future Focus —  this exclusive segment of our Architosh feature interview with Viktor Varkonyi, CEO of Graphisoft, touches on rare comments about how the company views its flagship BIM program’s user-interface and notes about the future production direction.
  • MarketFocus: Nemetschek Scia and BIM in Americaarticle talks about Scia, one of the world’s premier software programs for structural engineers, and its new push here in the United States to be a leader in structural BIM integration.
  • Perspective: What we learned in Architosh’s first BIM report article covers aspects of our multi-year effort to gain insight into BIM adoption today.
  • ToolTalk: Managing Teamwork 2 Projects in ArchiCAD 13article delves into many of the smaller details of setting up Teamwork 2 in ArchiCAD 13 and covers aspects often not mentioned in other articles on the subject.
  • ToolTalk: Cool iPhone Apps for Architectswe look at some of the best applications for the iPhone for busy architects on the job site.
  • News Analysis
  • Architosh and Social Media
  • Events

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To receive this upcoming ToshLetter newsletter please sign-up here on the web and complete the very brief signup page. It is important to note that if you have received a ToshLetter before you are still on the newsletter list and will receive it again unless you need to update your email address with us. If you need to update your email address please send us an email to [email protected] and put ToshLetter in the subject line. Give us your name, old email if you recall it and your new email address.

If you would like to contribute an article to the ToshLetter please let us know. We are looking for contributors to this free publication. Sign-up here now.

Reader Comments

  1. […] New ToshLetter arrives March 1: get it now! | Architosh […]

  2. Folks we have changed the date by two days. If you sign-up after the 3rd of March that is fine as well. We will roll out delivers of this issue in batches after the 3rd in approximately weekly increments. In addition to the issue at hand we will include some links in the ToshLetter to obtain back issues if interested.

  3. Folks this year’s first ToshLetter garnered some big interest. More than 350 new subscribers came onboard with this issue–the largest amount ever associated with a single issue. And people keep on subscribing (which is great!) so if you have not subscribed to the ToshLetter or think you have but are not sure please send us an email to verify that or sign-up now.

    We will be sending out another round of this issue in the coming weeks. Once you are signed up you will get all future issues immediately.

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