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Architosh to publish BIM study report

Architosh will begin releasing BIM reports on survey data of over 410 qualified architectural practices in the US and abroad — BIM report will cover areas of discussion related to BIM not widely covered in other industry reports, in addition to stats on BIM adoption, BIM tool usage and sentiment and key reasons for the adoption of BIM.


In the coming weeks Architosh will begin releasing the first of several reports on a multi-year BIM study based on the input of over 410 qualified architectural practices. Aside from the online opt-in survey questions, Architosh has been conducting in depth phone and email interviews with participants for several months. Many of the top firms in the United States and Canada, in both large firm and small firm categories, are represented in the data, as well as firms from Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia.

Participants of the BIM survey will receive a free report and there will be reports available for non-participants to purchase. One report in particular will be published specifically for software BIM providers and other related professionals.

Architosh will publish summary information, a list of key findings, and the table of contents of all reports on Architosh just prior to their availability.

Questions now about Architosh’s upcoming BIM reports can be directed to our attention at: [email protected]

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