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Autodesk 2024 State of Design & Make Report—AI a Highlight

Autodesk 2024 State of Design & Make Report offers a glimpse into AEC, Manufacturing and M&E industries with noteworthy positivity around AI


Future of Architectural Visualization—Free Report

Chaos Future of Architectural Visualization report indicates that real-time rendering is now key to many architects’ workflows.


New report by Asite on optimizing construction industry’s digital engineering

The report examines digital engineering from a number of different standpoints to push the adoption of digital engineering techniques.


A Hot Economy—Autodesk and Industry Group Says Construction Force Shortages Abound

In the US construction market, there are deep shortages of qualified personnel to hire. Without policy changes made soon to boost construction worker education and training, technology automation may come to the rescue ultimately eliminating human jobs down the road.


BlackSpectacles Software Survey May Do More Harm Than Good

Billed as the software you need to know to get a job in 2017, Black Spectacles’ Annual Software Requirements Study has Revit, AutoCAD, and SketchUp as the three must know applications in demand at top architecture firms. But is this list good for the industry at large?


Architosh launches new tablets in Architecture research survey

In our first tablets in Architectural practice research survey, we aim to study how tablet computers may impact the architectural process with a particular emphasis on design and pre-design phases. Of particular note, the new iPad Pro with Pencil ushers in the potential for revolutionary change.


AIA says US Architecture Firm Compensation Rises

AIA Architect reports that earnings for architecture positions has followed with gains beginning to accelerate after several years of rather slow-going improvement. Average compensation for staff positions up 3.5 percent from early 2013.


Market report says CAD market in Japan to grow 5.7 percent from 2015 – 2019

A new market report shows that Japan’s CAD industry continues to grow at modest mid single digit percentages over the next four years.


Take the Architosh Reader Survey and Enter a Chance to Win an Apple Watch Sport

Architosh is asking its readers to help provide useful feedback to steer the future direction of the online publication. Participants will be entered into a random draw to win a free Apple Watch Sport model, valued at $350.USD, plus gain a free industry report valued at $49.USD. Help us make Architosh better so that more Apple users enjoy its platforms in the CAD, 3D and AEC markets.


Architosh publishes Mac professional workstation survey results

In this special feature report, Architosh publishes the results of its first workstation survey conducted in late 2014 and aimed at understanding the pro (professional) desktop needs of numerous customers Apple refers to as Mac pros. Not to be confused with the product Mac Pro, today Apple’s Mac pros work across its iMac range in numerous industries, including and importantly to this publication, the Architecture industry.


Architosh to publish its Mac Workstation Survey Study in January 2015

Architosh will publish its first survey study on Mac workstation hardware use by pro users in January of 2015. The survey will answer key questions, summarize diverse workflow cases and provide detailed guidance to pro Mac users.


3D Imaging Market Global Industry Analysis Report – Forecast 2014 – 2020

3D imaging market studied in new global report from Transparency Research


Industry reports says AEC firms lack use of Project Management, Knowledge Management and ERP software

Do architects and other AEC professionals lack knowledge about the value proposition behind the use of Project Management, Knowledge Management and ERP software? Or are they simply not interested enough? An HP and CASE sponsored study shows it depends greatly on the size of the AEC firm in question.


UK National BIM Report – BIM Adoption Trends in UK

United Kingdom National BIM Report for 2013 shows BIM adoption growing steadily in the UK AECO markets


Global CAD market expected to post revenue of $8.2.US Billion in 2016

Global CAD report shows strong sequential yearly growth through 2016 marked by strong revenue in Europe


Editorial: Levy has something to say about BIM for sole-practitioners

Not much has changed for both sole practitioners in the economy and the discussion around BIM. But Levy offers small-scale practice a unique view for BIM adoption


In-Depth with ArchiCAD 14 – Graphisoft talks to Architosh

In this In-Depth feature Akos Pfemeter, Director of Global Marketing and Tibor Szolnoki, ArchiCAD Product Manager, of Graphisoft Hungary, have spoken to Architosh about ArchiCAD 14’s new features, particularly its new IFC model collaboration work flows. In this article we get into some of the details of Graphisoft’s latest BIM technology.


Architosh ships 2010 BIM Survey Participants Report

Architosh ships the 2010 BIM Survey Participants Report.


Architosh BIM Survey Reports TOCs

Architosh has announced its 2010 BIM Survey Reports. This article details the table of contents of all three versions of the reports.


Architosh announces 2010 BIM Survey Report

Architosh has published its first indepth industry report on BIM, based on the survey of 410 qualified architects and firms


Architosh to publish BIM study report

Architosh will begin releasing BIM reports on survey data of over 410 qualified architectural practices in the US and abroad — BIM report will cover areas of discussion related to BIM not widely covered in other industry reports, in addition to stats on BIM adoption, BIM tool usage and sentiment and key reasons for the adoption of BIM.


Apple BIM Survey Closing – Participate Now

Last call to participate in Architosh’s 2008 BIM Survey Report. The report survey will be closing in two weeks – participants will obtain both a free report on the findings of the BIM survey and be entered into a drawing to win a free Apple iPod touch.

Thus far over 400 architects and architecture firms have participated, including notable large international and US-based practices.


Feedback: Explaining the rationale behind the Apple questions in our BIM Survey

Architosh, conducting its first Architecture industry-wide BIM (Building Information Modeling) survey for 2008, clarifies the rationale behind some questions pertaining to Apple


CAD Industry to Maintain Solid Growth Despite Poor US Economy

The global CAD (computer-aided design) industry will grow to over $8.2 billion by 2012 based on the latest research by Jon Peddie Research, according to its latest 2008 CAD Report. The Macintosh segment remains modest but will grow with the rest of the industry


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