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Join M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh

The M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh — help define and learn about Architosh’s future features and earn a chance to win a free M1 Mac mini!

Architosh is launching the M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh officially today. All 25 members of the group will be involved in helping Architosh define its future and in exchange, they will gain lifetime Architosh INSIDER Membership, a chance to win a new Mac mini with the M1 chip, and gain access to our M1 (Apple Silicon) related research, testing, and insights.

Winning a Mac mini with M1

With a one in twenty-five chance of winning a new computer, this is a raffle with very good odds! Architosh has given away hardware before but never such an expensive item within such a small group of people.

Architosh M1 Group

By joining the M1-25 Beta Group you not only gain a chance to win an M1-based Mac mini but also gain lifetime INSIDER Membership and access to our Apple Silicon-related research, testing, and insights.

The Apple M1 chip is a powerhouse and game-changing processor, combining CPU, GPU, and machine learning processing functions with integrated ultra-fast and shared centralized memory. In our extensive testing of the M1 Mac mini against a 2017 iMac Pro costing over USD 5,000.00, the M1 Mac mini more than held its own. The M1-based Mac mini bested the Xeon, workstation-class iMac Pro multiple times on critical benchmarks. You can read all about it here.

The Group’s Responsibilities

By joining the M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh you will be required to participate in Phase 1 and Phase 2 activities as described below. Essentially you will take a survey about Architosh that will take about 10-15 minutes long. That’s Phase 1. In the second phase, you will have a one-on-one exchange or follow-up communication answering more specific questions. That part will take no longer than 30 minutes.

What the Group Gets

All 25 participants gain the following benefits:

  • A chance to win the M1-based Mac mini  (1 in 25 odds)
  • Lifetime Architosh INSIDER Membership (a USD 37/year value)
  • Access to our M1 (Apple Silicon) ongoing research, testing, and insights about this landmark inflection point in chip performance in the personal computing and workstation world.

See the schedule below for when these benefits happen.

Schedule for M1 25 Beta Group

Architosh will close the group by mid-April. Those who have learned about the group from our INSIDER Xpresso newsletter have a guaranteed spot in the group if they pass all eligibility requirements (see below).

Those who are learning of the Beta Group today will be vetted and selected based on a matrix of criteria. Please expect a follow-up email after you have written to us asking to be in the group. You can send in your interest in the M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh by emailing [email protected].

  • Mid-April — The Group is Closed and Finalized
  • 23 April — Phase 1: survey goes out to 25
  • 26 April — Phase 2: follow-ups to all 25 commence
  • Early May — Free INSIDER Membership coupon code sent at end of phase 2 interview
  • UPDATE: We have completed our Zoom calls and interviews.
  • Mid June — Raffle Prize Won — Someone wins a new Apple M1-based Mac Mini with 8GB unified memory and 256GB SSD storage (a USD 679.00 value). Once notified, we will contact you and commence with ordering and shipping arrangements. Typically, we order through a foreign Apple Store if the winner is not in the USA. If the winner wishes for the 512GB model they can compensate us and we can order that model instead.

Eligibility for M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh

To be included in this group you must meet the following minimal requirements:

  • You cannot work for Apple
  • You cannot work for a CAD industry software or hardware company
  • You cannot work for any of our CAD journalism competitors
  • You will be required to affiliate yourself to your place of work (firm) or learning institution by sharing this information in our survey form and we will verify it via email domains or LinkedIn.

The M1 25 Beta Group for Architosh is for this publication’s readers—ideally its most devoted readers. We welcome you to write in to join this limited open group.

Joining the Group

Write us to join us at [email protected]

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