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Feedback: Explaining the rationale behind the Apple questions in our BIM Survey

Architosh, conducting its first Architecture industry-wide BIM (Building Information Modeling) survey for 2008, clarifies the rationale behind some questions pertaining to Apple


A number of readers and those taking our Architosh 2008 BIM Survey have written in asking us for clarifications regarding the Apple-related questions in our survey. Apparently this section of the survey had drawn much interest and curiosity. We thought it only appropriate that we clarify some issues and do it in a way that doesn’t hurt on-going survey results.

We are going to handle this in a series of FAQ’s on the Architosh 2008 BIM Survey and its future report. Let’s get started:

FAQ on BIM Survey

1. You have asked several questions pertaining to Apple in this survey and you are giving away a free iPod. Is Apple the sponsor of this survey?

No. If we did a survey with a sponsor we would probably push for this being open if the circumstances were right for it. This BIM survey is not sponsored by any company. Architosh has undertaken this survey to address issues we feel are not being addressed in the discussions about BIM and to gauge where most of our readers are with respect to BIM adoption.

2. Why the Apple-related Questions? Is Architosh encouraging Apple to develop a BIM program?

First off we are not encouraging Apple to build a BIM program, it would be much smarter for them to buy one and make it better. We should clarify that our encouragement of Apple in the architecture software market in particular is much more broad-brush and generalized. We believe they have it within them to dominate the architecture if not the entire AEC market.

The primary reason to ask the Apple-specific questions in our BIM survey was to elicit a reaction that we think may draw out aspects of BIM that other BIM companies may want to think about. Clearly a fresh approach type of sentiment will be of interest to established players.

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