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Tidbits: SketchUp, Copper Project and more news

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today include news on Copper Project version 4.1 and SketchUp News tidbits. Also, we have news on a native RIM-produced version of Blackberry Desktop for Mac.


Tidbits: SketchUp, iPocket Draw news

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today include notes on Google’s various SketchUp design competitions, including the popular Design It: Shelter Competition, plus news of the first true Vectorial Drawing software for iPhone–iPocket Draw.


Tidbits: Autodesk, Russian CAD and NavisCAD for iPhone

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today notes Autodesk’s new certification programs for many of their most popular CAD programs; plus we have a tidbit on Russian CAD and a note about NaviCAD for the iPhone.


Spatial View announces Stereographic 3D developer tools for iPhone

SpatialView announces Stereographic 3D Dev Tools for iPhone 3G


In-Depth: Looking at FUZE with iPhone Collaboration

Callwave’s FUZE Meeting with its iPhone application takes online project collaboration to new levels of capability in high-definition video and in mobility for team members. This Product In-Depth goes into the details behind FUZE.


ProjectWizards releases Merlin iPhone 1.0

Merlin iPhone 1.0 introduced by ProjectWizards.


Tidbits: C4D, Google Earth iPhone Layer, DAZ sweetens model library

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have news of continued work and refinements to the C4D to Vectorworks exchange plugin, Google Earth and a new iPhone layer, and DAZ Productions’ new Girl 4.


MacFive: Mar 22: Top News of the Week

MacFive™ — Top News Stories of the Week: For Mar 22 we see Apple introducing iPhone OS 3.0 with over 1000 new API’s and many aimed at corporate America; Our second and third story all pertain to the iPhone and the value in writing software for it. Our 4th story is about the future of 3D CSS-based transforms on the desktop and why Apple is or is not holding back this work….and finally we talk about our new architosh Readers Group at LinkedIn.


MacFive: Mar 15: Top News of the Week

MacFive™ — Top News Stories of the Week: For Mar 15 we see exploding applications for the iPhone and iPod touch (now at 25,000), continued Enterprise Mac Adoption, an upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS update event, speculation about a new Apple touch-based netbook device and more…


New Tech to Improve Building Code Compliance – iPhone compatible

MADCAD launches advanced research technology for building codes.


MWSF: Final Notes and the Miscellaneous

In our last Notes report on Macworld Expo we cover some nifty iPhone applications, a great new app called ModelBaker for iPhone development, and a business enterprise or small-business software tool for mixed platform (Mac/Win) studios and groups.


MWSF: Gallery Four

Architosh’s Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 San Francisco Photo Galleries Continue with This Series on Mac and iPhone applications and hardware.


MWSF: Gallery Three

Architosh’s Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 San Francisco Photo Galleries Continue with This Series on Mac and iPhone applications.


MWSF: Gallery Two

Architosh’s Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 San Francisco Photo Galleries Continue with This Series on Apple’s iPhone Apps Area: 10,000 Apps and Counting!


MWSF: Upcoming new software highlights

Software highlights from next week’s Macworld Expo.


MacFive: Dec 7: Top News of the Week

MacFive™ — Top News Stories of the Week: For Dec 7 we see exploding market share growth for iPhone, a possible $99 Wal-Mart iPhone, Google’s fantastic new SketchUp 7, and issues with Snow Leopard.


MacFive: Nov 16: Top News of the Week

MacFive™ — Top News Stories of the Week: For November 16 we see that Obama can’t take his MacBook Pro and Blackberry to the White for security reasons (though he can use Apple’s everywhere he works — he just can’t keep one) and we see the iPhone reach number one handset in the United States for Quarter 3.


Killer SmartPhone Apps: ShopSavvy and Shazam

So NPR has a new program which I caught last evening on the drive home called All Tech Considered. It was a nice, short 5-minute program that was a delight to catch right before my normal financial day wrap-up program Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal.  Anyway, what was cool about All Tech Considered was the discussion […]


Commentary: Papermaster not to set foot in Cupertino

Apple looks set to grab one of IBM’s elite vice president-level managers – a 26 year IBM veteran with deep intellectual property history and direct knowledge of IBM chip design strategy. Yet IBM files suit to stop Papermaster from setting foot in Cupertino.


WWDC: The First Super Utility Phone Now Flys with Games!

At the WWDC keynote address, Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, announced his intention of bringing the iPhone up to par with major players in the portable gaming industry. Bad news for the Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS but good news for the iPhone moves one step closer to combining all human needs on one 4.5 x 2.4 x 0.46 inches piece of plastic.


AIA: Online Codes for Architects: Works on iPhone Offers Online Code Access to Architects and AEC Pros and it Works on iPhone


Apple Mac touch: what it could look like

A reader, Brendan Sheehan of Ireland, has written to Architosh about our recent article on the future of Apple in 2008. He too had an Mac touch computer notion and sent us the picture below


Apple in 2008 – What Likely Lies Ahead

2007 was by all accounts an outstanding year for Steve Jobs and his beloved Apple Inc. But 2008 can shape up to be even better. Here’s why!


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