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MWSF: Upcoming new software highlights

Software highlights from next week’s Macworld Expo.


Macworld Expo next week will mark the unveiling of lots of new software tools for the Mac, iPhone and the iPod line. Along with a major announcement by FileMaker Inc., several new companies will be introducing cool new software. Here’s a peak at a few of the new things coming up:

  • FileMaker – The company will make a major announcement but we can’t talk about the details yet. While there has been much news about Jobs not attending and Apple’s future participation in Macworld Expo the FileMaker announcement will mark a highlight for this year’s show. 
  • Pinger, Inc. – (booth #1438) will announce Pinger Phone which will deeply integrate social networking and IM into the iPhone’s interface.
  • Stardom Storage Solutions – (booth #4421) will introduce a RAID capable slide-in ready internal storage drive uniquely for the Mac Pro. This product will offer unique data protection and high-speed backup options for Mac Pro workstation users. 
  • MIMvista Corporation – (booth #1438) will be introducing its truly innovative remote imaging solution for medical doctors. The currently “pending FDA clearance” software will take the iPhone and iPod touch into uniquely new territory. 
  • Widget Press – (booth #1438) will unveil ModelBaker, a remarkable point-and-click development application that enables easy software development for applications for the iPhone and the Web. 

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