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MacFive: Mar 22: Top News of the Week

MacFive™ — Top News Stories of the Week: For Mar 22 we see Apple introducing iPhone OS 3.0 with over 1000 new API’s and many aimed at corporate America; Our second and third story all pertain to the iPhone and the value in writing software for it. Our 4th story is about the future of 3D CSS-based transforms on the desktop and why Apple is or is not holding back this work….and finally we talk about our new architosh Readers Group at LinkedIn.

No. 1 – Apple Introduces iPhone OS 3.0

Apple officially unveiled the next version of the OS X operating system in the iPhone. Dubbed iPhone OS 3.0, this next version brings copy and paste, cut, MMS and so much more. In fact there are 100 new features in the OS plus several fascinating new possibilities for app developers. 

Perhaps one of the coolest new features for developers will be the ability to make in-app purchases for new features and content. These will work like subscriptions and will be ideal for things like additional game levels and new content. Also a nifty new feature will be the peer to peer ad-hoc iPhone networks using Bluetooth. 

No. 2 – Hidden iPhone OS 3 Features Will Push Business Forward

This PCWorld story talks about key new features that will propel the iPhone further into corporate America. Specifically…over 1000 new API (application programming interfaces) will be available in iPhone OS 3.0. This is huge not jut because of the sheer size of the many new APIs but because of how many new ones pertain to corporate enterprise computing. 

Key new items include Exchange Server, CalDAV and .ics subscriptions added to the Calendar application, LDAP, EAS and better group calendaring functionality. 

And this article talks about all the buzz going on regarding the new OS APIs. Also a good related read. 

No. 3 – How to Make a Cool $1.5 Million with an iPhone App

Fortune also got a hold of a story on the decision by Pangea Software to drop Mac game development to focus exclusively on the iPhone. Pangea’s quick path to so much money ($1.5 million+) with one hit iPhone game has forced the company to reconsider how they plan development for the Mac. It looks like the company will stop producing Mac games in the short term to focus exclusively on the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.

No. 4 – Apple Holding Back on Web 3D?

This post at Ars Technica is interesting as it pertains to Apple’s Safari web browser and the future of desktop browsing. Specifically Apple may indeed by holding back on the desktop by not allowing the use of “3D position and transform” and other 2D-based CSS-based transform abilities currently live on Safari mobile. 

These transforms (CSS transforms) added to the WebKit are interesting and provide useful UI effects on the iPhone. We suspect that they will emerge in Safari for the desktop at some point. To read the details go here.

No. 5 – Architosh Readers Group at LinkedIn

Our own news about our architosh Readers Group at forms our fifth most important news for us. Yes, we think this is important as it portends to future trends online wherein social media networks begin to fuse with media outlets and their common members. To some media outlets it may not seem wise to send readers to a social network, but we beg to differ and see possibilities and values that are currently transparent.

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