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MWSF: Gallery Two

Architosh’s Macworld Conference and Expo 2009 San Francisco Photo Galleries Continue with This Series on Apple’s iPhone Apps Area: 10,000 Apps and Counting!


The iPhone was clearly a large part of Macworld Expo this year. In a private lunch meeting I had with a connection in Apple’s worldwide software developer relations group, it was shared that Apple current gains 100 new iPhone applications a day. Let’s do the math on that (356 x 100) and we realize that Apple’s iPhone is gaining 36,500 new applications per year. 

Now granted, a vast majority of these are small, free or nearly free apps that do one very specific thing. And perhaps most of these are not useful to the vast majority of iPhone users. Still, even if just one percent or 3,650 apps were truly amazing iPhone applications that is a very large number of great apps to choose from to run on your iPhone. Next year at CES 2009 in Las Vegas, Apple maybe telling exactly that story in a keynote there. 

Apple's iPhone App area held iPhones loaded with tons of apps.

Apple's iPhone Applications table glowed with great applications.

In the photo above Apple employees show off some of the great new iPhone applications to show attendees. 

Britney H.R. checks out some cool iPhone apps.

Britney H.R. checks out some cool iPhone apps.

One of my favorite features of Apple’s booth this year was this vast wall (see below photo) where Apple is broadcasting loud and clear that it has far more applications available to it (for the iPhone) than any other smartphone maker. 

10,000 iPhone apps and counting - and some great ones too!

10,000 iPhone apps and counting - and some great ones too!

We realize that most iPhone apps are targeted to consumer digital life-style functions but there are actually an amazing amount of apps for specific businesses or professional fields and industries. One current app on my iPhone is a great “feet and inches” calculator that is useful to architects and general contractors (and those in the building design industry). Another one is clinometer application that turns my iPhone into both a “leveler” (think leveler bubble tool from your hardware store) and a clinometer which helps me find angles of roofs and ceilings for instance while out in the field. 

But that is just touching the surface…

iPhone Apps!

iPhone Apps!

For big business, enterprises have access to great iPhone apps from large enterprise software companies like Oracle (see photo above) and many others. Small and medium businesses can use such outstanding tools as Marketcircle’s Daylite touch on the iPhone (more on this in another report).

Some iPhone apps are truly amazing...and clearly cost more!

Some iPhone apps are truly amazing...and clearly cost more! But where else can you carry the entire human body in vivid multi-layered anatomical drawn form like this?

And specific industries like higher education and healthcare have wonderful new tools like this above, Netter’s Anatomy Flash Cards, the best selling anatomy reference in your pocket.

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