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Tidbits: Autodesk, Russian CAD and NavisCAD for iPhone

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today notes Autodesk’s new certification programs for many of their most popular CAD programs; plus we have a tidbit on Russian CAD and a note about NaviCAD for the iPhone.


Autodesk 2010 Certification Now Available

Autodesk has announced that Certified Associate and Certified Professional exams are now available for the newest versions of AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit Architecture, and AutoCAD Civil 3D software. 

Autodesk’s certification programs are designed to allow companies to validate their employee’s expertise and to allow professionals to gain an edge in a tight and competitive market. To learn more visit here.

upFront.eZine  Tours Russia

Ralph Grabowski of upFront.eZine tours Russia in his latest newsletter. He reminds us that some of the world’s best computer programmers are Russian, responsible for some of the world’s leading CAD programs like Pro/Engineer and other key software like parts of the ODA’s OpenDWG API. Grabowski will be touring Russia this coming September and will be visiting key Russian CAD companies responsible for prominent software packages like KOMPAS and T-Flex. 

Grabowski’s upFront.eZine along with Isicad will be co-sponsoring a roundtable in Russia titled: “Talking About the Future of MCAD: Which Trends Hold a Place for Our Future?” You can learn more about the details of this roundtable event here.

NavisCAD for iPhone

And Grabowski mentions a new iPhone application for viewing CAD models on the iPhone. This new iPhone app is NaviCAD, which is made to view and navigate SketchUp models inside Google’s 3D Warehouse.

This allows you to view COLLADA files on the iPhone. You can learn more about the app here at: or alternatively read this brief report on the Khronos Group website or this report at DEVELOP 3D. 

NaviCAD for iPhone sells on on the App Store for just 0.99 cents. (USD.).

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