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Tidbits: SketchUp, iPocket Draw news

Mac CAD and 3D News: Tidbits today include notes on Google’s various SketchUp design competitions, including the popular Design It: Shelter Competition, plus news of the first true Vectorial Drawing software for iPhone–iPocket Draw.


SketchUp News and Tidbits

Google reminds its users that last month it launched its Design It: Shelter Competition, which is completely open to anyone. You can be a design student or a professional. You must design a small structure for a precise location somewhere in the world, no bigger than 100 square feet and no taller than 12 feet. The competition is co-sponsored by the Guggenheim Museum. The competition ends 23 August 2009.

Architects reading Architosh may find particular interest in the modeling work of a retired British architect whose has created beautiful 3D models of Dursley, Gloucestershire, in England. 

Google is also announcing the amazing entries for the Google SketchUp 2009 International Student Bridge Modeling Competition. Higher education students from over 65 countries competed. You can visit the winners page here.

RealCADD Developer Creates iPocket Draw for iPhone

Claiming to be the first true “vectorial drawing software for iPhone and iPod touch” RealCADD developer Eric Pousse, of France, writes to Architosh to inform us of the availability of iPocket Draw for iPhone and iPod touch from the Apple App Store. 

Now at release 1.02, iPocket Draw bolsters the use of RealCADD by being able to send iPocket Draw files from the iPhone to RealCADD on the desktop (Mac or Windows). 

To see screen grabs and to get the link to the App Store go here:

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