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Steve Johnson explains Vectorworks Design Day. Image: Vectorworks.

Vectorworks worldwide Design Day series

Vectorworks to host its free worldwide Design Day series, between October 2023 and March 2024.

AATEG: Project BEAM Survey Seeks AEC Pros for Alpha-phase Study

Project BEAM is the next AATEG participation project. Come learn about Project BEAM for the BIM industry.

SPEC Releases SPECapc for Maya 2024 Benchmark, Adds SPEC Workload Development Kit

SPEC Releases new SPECapc for Maya 2024 Benchmark for the creative industries to help measure workstation performance.

New Vectorworks 2024 Product Line Released—Details
Maxon Intros New Cinebench 2024 Benchmark App
Vectorworks 2024 Set to Impress with Impactful New Features
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Latest Architosh Features

Viewpoint: BIM Technology for Construction Project Management

BIM has become a ubiquitous tool in the construction industry, for digital construction and project management,

Viewpoint: The Case for BIM in Precast Concrete Prefabricated Buildings

Precast concrete detailing tools used to model prefabricated buildings streamline the design and documentation process and aid construction.

SIGGRAPH 2023: It Starts with AI—The Full Report

At this year’s SIGGRAPH 2023 computer graphics conference and exhibition—AI, USD, and digital twins play staring roles.

Solibri Inside and Vectorworks—Advancing BIM for Users
Why Builders use BIM for Cost Savings
Amy Bunszel of Autodesk Talks to Architosh About Forma
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Buildings are complex things, and can be hard to fully grok even under the best circumstances.

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Industry Commentary and Analysis

Maxon Intros New Cinebench 2024 Benchmark App

Maxon Cinebench 2024 makes a leap forward in performance benchmarking for creatives, gamers, and hardware enthusiasts.

SketchUp Launches AI-Powered Image Search for 3D Warehouse

SketchUp’s 3D Warehouse gains new AI-powered image search speeding up architect and designer workflows.

Apple Intros Apple Silicon-based Mac Pro

Apple’s lovable Mac Pro enclosure is now married to Apple’s industry-leading Apple Silicon. But the new M2 Ultra-powered workstation isn’t for everyone.

Enscape 3.5 boasts Digital People and Adjustable Assets for AEC
Former Revit CEO Dave Lemont joins Acelab
Blue Ocean Sustainability intros Skema for BIM 2.0 Design Automation
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INSIDER Reports—In-Depth and On Focus

(emTech)—Emergent Technology Reports

Member Access — (emTech) Section Plus for Xpresso #19

Member Access—(emTech) Section Plus is our new exclusive that builds off of what we shared in Xpresso #19. We offer deeper content and analysis from the topics of BIM, Revit Open Letter, BIM Interop, AI and Robotics in AEC, and more.

Member Access — (emTech) Section Plus for Xpresso #24

Member Access (emTech) Section Plus for Xpresso #24 brings innovative news on M1 chip, Apple, VR, AR, headset, robotics, AI, architecture, and more…

Early Access: (emTech) section for INSIDER Xpresso—#08

Early Access and enhanced coverage of the Emergent Technologies (emTech) section for the upcoming INSIDER Xpresso #08, Non-subscribers can gain access to this information by signing up for our monthly Xpresso newsletter for free. Inside this issue, we cover Xpresso reader demographics, a Harvard AI in Architecture thesis, and Bricsys’ AI ambitions.

Member Access — (emTech) Section Plus for Xpresso #23
Early Access: (emTech) Section for INSIDER Xpresso newsletter—#02
Member Access — (emTech) Section Plus for Xpresso #21
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The Standard, Animation, and CAD/CAM modes give the creative and technical pro many options to think about...

What You May Have Missed

A&E Optimism—Where it Comes From and How to Maintain It

The Biden Infrastructure Bill is bolstering confidence for architects and engineers. However, an AEC industry financial software giant says firms are facing staff challenges and will need to utilize technologies and new processes to cope with growing demand in the years ahead. Megan Miller, CPSM, Director of Product Marketing at Deltek, explains what is happening.

ARES Trinity — A Review of the Industry Leading DWG CAD Software

We have taken a deep dive into the native DWG CAD ecosystem from Germany, and Architosh finds much to admire in this industry leader.

Stantec gains faster multitasking AEC workflows with AMD Radeon PRO GPUs.

Rendering workflows have always pushed computer hardware to the limit and still do. And they can altogether tie up a computer during render time. Stantec has gotten beyond this limit thanks to AMD Radeon PRO GPUs.

Flexible Modern Workflows with AutoCAD Web and Mobile
Tect—A Promising Platform Can Provide Key Gains for Architects and Manufacturers Alike
STA of Boston Gains Efficiency with RICOH THETA X 360-Degree Cameras
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Editor Selections -- For You

Firm Profile: BOGDAN & VAN BROECK—The Ecology of Densification

Continuing on a trend of expanding the scope of discourse beyond the “digital” in design practice, Architosh is pleased to present this feature interview of Belgium professor engineer-architect Leo Van Broeck and his award-winning ecological, research-oriented design practice. The design keynote speaker at the recent Vectorworks Design Summit, Leo spoke to Architosh recently about his firm, co-founder, work and their philosophical positions in the field of architecture and urban design.

Former Apple Executive Richard Kerris Says AR Future Big, Talks About 'Glyph'

Many Architosh readers may remember Richard Kerris from his days at Apple as Senior Director of Developer Technologies (his role from 2001 – 2007) where he led worldwide developer relations and technical marketing across audio, video, photography and other pro apps. Presenting in eight Steve Jobs keynotes, Kerris was one of the few Apple executives permitted to talk to the press about Apple products. In this second Architosh interview (his first was well over a decade ago) Kerris discusses his career at places like Apple, HP, and Pixar and provides an informed market perspective on virtual and augmented reality (AR/VR), the changing nature of the creative “pro” in digital fields and of course the new Avegant Glyph.

Five Emerging Trends and Their Potential Impact on the Future of the AEC Industry

To kick off the new year, Architosh looks at five emerging technology trends happening broadly across society and what their influence and impacts may be on the AEC industry and the professionals that drive it—including architects, builders, engineers and environmental stakeholders like the citizens of cities.

Phil Bernstein on the Changing Role of the 21st Century Architect—The Interview (Part 2)
How BIG's influence can reframe the role of BIM in Architecture
'Trimble Connected'—Bacus Discusses SketchUp 2015 and Growing Trimble Roles

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