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architosh INSIDER 01—Introduction

architosh INSIDER Reports are a new segment of our premium content on Architosh. Designed to be topical in nature, these annual reports are developed to provide a set of high-level editorial focused on a particular company, technology segment, emerging set of innovations, or set of inter-related industry issues.


WELCOME TO OUR first architosh INSIDER Report. Architosh’s mission is to empower its readers with leading-edge information on CAD/BIM/3D technologies across diverse industries on Apple’s iOS and macOS platforms. INSIDER has been developed to deliver high-level content that meets that goal.

What You Will Find Inside

INSIDER 01 is dedicated to the world of GRAPHISOFT. 2017 was a big year for the company with a show-stopper of a new release with its patent-pending “predictive design” technology introduced as part of its industry-leading new stair and railing tools. Such tools are helping its users create stunning works of architecture, yet the software appeals to both creatives and technologists.

Here is the list of dedicated articles inside of this first INSIDER Report

The introduction listed on the cover graphic is this article here.

01 – Issue 01 of the new architosh INSIDER Reports series for INSIDER subscribers.

On the latter side, it was highly visible for us press folks who attended the 2017 Key Client Conference, in Kyoto, Japan; there one-by-one mega-large construction and AE development companies from both Japan and elsewhere in Asia touted their commitment to GRAPHISOFT and its products. From Kajima Corporation, one of the world’s largest general contractors, with offices on nearly every continent on the globe, to Surbana Jurong of Singapore, developing cities and urban development projects throughout Asia, GRAPHISOFT is winning mindshare and users in Asia on top of the AEC totem pole.

A Position in the BIM World

In the first article, GRAPHISOFT’s BIM World—From the banks of the Danube to Tokyo, we round trip the BIM developer’s position in the market by discussing everything from its location on the Danube, not far from where Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once camped and wrote segments of his famous Meditations, to its global markets and forward-looking vision. While the KCC keynote has been filmed and shared worldwide, GRAPHISOFT’s CEO’s short talk at the KCC was not shared. We touch on many of the things he passed along to their key clients and the press corps, including some notes from a private press luncheon.

Marquee Design Firms

Two highlights of the first INSIDER are articles focused on two highly distinguished marquee design firms. Both Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp (FJMT) are internationally acclaimed architecture firms. And both practices rely on ARCHICAD extensively.

The firm BIG hardly needs any introduction, and Architosh has written about their use of ARCHICAD before. From a conversation with Kai-Uwe Bergmann, principal at BIG, in Las Vegas at BIMCON, we delve into how that firms “thinks” about architectural practice and what they are learning as a firm when working for some of the biggest names like Google and Audi. Bergmann talks shop about ARCHICAD and how the celebrated firm thinks about new hires and the software they know and use. Perhaps most interesting are his comments about why architects need their own X-Prize.

MORE: How BIG’s influence can reframe the role of BIM in Architecture

Johnathan Redman is a principal at Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp. Few architects within the United States likely know about FJMT, but many of them know the name of Mitchell | Giurgola, who won the commission in the 1980’s to design the Australian Parliment House. Mitchell, Giurgola & Thorp in Canberra is today FJMT, and the firm owes a cultural design debt to Romaldo Giurola which is evident in much of its architecture today.

Many architects hear all the time that BIM as a software movement can lead to boring architecture…that the tools limit creativity and expression. Both BIG and FJMT flatly disprove such a notion, but each firm’s culture deserves the lion’s share of the credit. What GRAPHISOFT does is produce a BIM program that not only doesn’t get in the way of creativity, it inspires its users to find its limits.

New Leaders—New Terrain

Our fourth and final feature article in this INSIDER touches on Willard Williams’ use of ARCHICAD from his early college days to where he is now working for a large US contractor. Williams is an ARCHICAD expert user, trainer, and someone who has figured out how to create VR/AR immersive experiences using an AC to Unreal Engine workflow.

Williams is also young “next-gen” architect and has spent some time with two of the best ARCHICAD-based architecture firms in the United States. He shares observations about his own development as an architect and about what appeals to him about ARCHICAD, both for architecture and for construction.

Closing Comments

architosh INSIDER Reports are exclusive to our premium subscribers. As part of our effort to deliver leading-edge information and original technology segment journalism, we have taken the publication into a new direction, one that offers great value to all types of readers/visitors to the site. We hope you support us and find the first INSIDER inspiring.


Editor’s Note: This article has been updated 27 Dec 2017, 7:54 AM EDT. 



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