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Tech Soft 3D Intros new HOOPS Luminate for Advanced Rendering

HOOPS Luminate is the new toolkit that brings advanced and real-time rendering to the HOOPS family of engineering software SDKs.


Oregon-based Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, has today announced a brand new toolkit for advanced desktop rendering called HOOPS Luminate.

The new software toolkit will enable Tech Soft 3D customers to develop their engineering applications with the addition of powerful new onboard 3D rendering capabilities, including real-time GPU-accelerated advanced rendering.

HOOPS Luminate

HOOPS Luminate empowers software developers to deliver complete control over the rendering process with scalable image quality via rendering engine setting options across GPU and CPU, plus an extensive library of advanced realistic materials.

“We are very excited about introducing HOOPS Luminate to our partners and the broader engineering world because the speed, quality, and realism of the renderings created with this SDK are state of the art,” said Marco Salino, Product Manager for HOOPS Luminate. “With a powerful bridge to HOOPS Visualize, developers get the best of both worlds – an engineering-focused graphics engine with the ability to create stunning photo-realistic renderings, bringing a new level of realism to their applications.”

HOOPS Luminate produced this high-quality photorealistic rendering.

A sample high-end rendering of what HOOPS Luminate can produce for customers. (Image: Tech Soft 3D)

Tech Soft 3D told Architosh the new HOOPS Luminate rendering technologies will give its software development customers the ability to bring to their applications onboard advanced rendering capabilities that rival both interactive real-time engines (think Unity and Unreal) and advanced visual high-quality renderers.


HOOPS Luminate is based on a single C++ API code base and can share the same data for both real-time and ray-traced renderings. Its native hybrid rendering mode can combine both types of rendering techniques in the same image (view). And the multi-threaded Unicode engine works across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms—giving software developers the widest customer target base.

With the advances in real-time rendering and photo-realistic rendering alike, the company tells Architosh that the MCAD market, in particular, is taking notice and looking to add such advanced rendering to its workflows, something that has already been happening in the AEC industry.

HOOPS Luminate fills a need for the highest-quality, physically accurate, photorealistic rendering, allowing the next generation of engineering software applications to push the boundaries for their customers. The integrated nature of HOOPS SDKs means the import of CAD data (using HOOPS Exchange) is rather easy, getting models into the new rendering product.

Additional features include:

  • Optimum Balance of Performance and Quality — HOOPS Luminate offers high performance in rasterized and ray-traced rendering, thanks to proprietary data organization algorithms and techniques, which – combined with its hybrid rendering technology – can produce high-quality images at interactive rates.
  • Advanced Material Library — The HOOPS Luminate Materials Library contains hundreds of proprietary, highly customizable realistic materials. Realistic materials are based on physical parameters and ready for rendering. The library includes many categories: stones, wood floorings, concrete, fabrics, metals, jewelry, and more. 
  • Advanced Lighting Techniques — HOOPS Luminate’s rendering technologies can realistically simulate all complex light interactions: it can produce highly realistic reflections, refractions, soft shadows, caustics, and ambient occlusion, thanks also to sophisticated techniques like global illumination.

“Using the advanced rendering capabilities of HOOPS Luminate, TopSolid’s users can Explore 3D models in a realistic virtual environment and quickly validate and present their designs in a captivating way,” said Patrice Tiberi, Deputy General Manager Product & Strategy at TopSolid.

The core of HOOPS Luminate is built on the REDsdk, the flagship product of Redway3D which was acquired by Tech Soft 3D in 2022.

For more information about HOOPS Luminate, visit 


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