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Award-winning IrisVR Announces Multiuser Beta for Prospect VR

New York-based, IrisVR, a leading virtual reality provider for the building design industry, has recently announced the launch of new Multiuser Beta to their popular product, “Prospect”.


Leaders of virtual reality provider – IrisVR – in building construction, is optimistic that enhanced connectivity of project teams will take forward leaps with this new version. It is focused on delivering ‘together decision making’ in its truest form with enabled shared virtual experience with every stakeholder, irrespective of their geographical location.

The update is particularly of interest as it will show a better utilization of new age technology of virtual reality for building designs to make better decisions. First time ‘multiple users’ feature in VR is all set to create a bridge shift in group sessions and refine the outputs for design decisions. It will allow sharing of audio-video motion with the meeting participant using wearables and Prospect which projects significant developments in the building design industry.


To access the joint project meeting, all the meeting attendees need to have access to data connectivity, wearables such as Oculus Rift or Vive by HTC (with headphones for conversation hearings in a meeting) and of course Prospect.

01 – IrisVR Multiuser is in beta.

An approval of access request to Multiuser Beta and installation of Prospect on your desktop will facilitate hosting of joint meetings for all stakeholders and have a combined view of any aspect of the project.


Multiuser, the name itself, suggests the involvement of more than one user for the meeting and sharing virtual experiences. In fact, they share more than that, annotations, flagged elements, changes made by one, audio and visuals, are shared with this new beta version.

This feature multiplicity can practically take you to the participant’s location and let you experience what they do. It is revolutionizing the way VR has been perceived until now.

Back in April at the announcement of update plans, CTO, Nate Beatty, IrisVR said, “Job site safety is a huge concern for everyone in the building industry. Having a multi-user experience creates an avenue for training and orientation to occur before setting foot on-site. Imagine the benefits of being able to guide a new oil rig worker through the complex spaces of a rig in a risk-free environment, prior to them traveling to a distant location.”

This is finally seen to be close to reality with the Multiuser beta version of Prospect. To learn more go here:

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