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OrthoGraph Import Module for ArchiCAD released


The OrthoGraph folks have listened to their users, they say. The company has announced recently the introduction of the beta version of the OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module.

The current beta version supports the conversion of up to five rooms with full functionality from drawings made using the Apple iPad version of OrthoGraph. This limitation of the five rooms can be turned off in the final release by purchasing a full license, which the company says will be a fraction of the cost OrthoGraph Survey.

01 - OrthoGraph ArchiCAD Import Module enables you to bring in measured rooms from OrthoGraph on your iPad into ArchiCAD for Mac and Windows.

OrthoGraph ArchiCAD is available for both Mac and Windows and runs with ArchiCAD 14 and 15, plus ArchiCAD Start Edition 2011. For more information visit this product page on the web.

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