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OrthoGraph Architect released for Apple iPad

Another iPad application for architects and related professionals has come out, focused on surveying existing conditions


OrthoGraph Limited has announced OrthoGraph Architect for iPad. This software is designed for doing on-site survey work of existing structures or sites. OrthoGraph Architect lets users sketch up a space quickly and then input accurate dimensions which adjust your drawing.

OrthoGraph Architect has a compliment of drawing tool icons and functions to help you develop your plan accurately. (see the images). Key benefits of the program include:

  • Can create detailed building structures
  • Support for unlimited number of rooms
  • Natural sketching environment
  • Fine-tune floor plans by dragging any corners or adding spaces
  • Enter the surveyed distances between any corners
  • iCreate hotspots to help create a survey for the exact floor-plan
  • Update the drawing in accordance with measured distances
  • Doors and windows handled
  • Provides detailed reports on all rooms and building parts

01 - OrthoGraph Architect is a new iPad application for surveying plans on-site to accurate scale.

OrthoGraph Architect is aimed at not just architects but engineers, builders, interior designers, real estate professionals, painters and carpenters. The application is 49.99.USD on the App Store. To learn more visit them online here.

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