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Latest version of Ayam free 3D modeling v.1.18.2

Latest version of the free 3D software Ayam released just before Christmas.


Ayam is a free 3D modeling environment for the Pixar RenderMan interface developed as open-source software under the BSD License. The latest release was updated just before Christmas, 23, 2010.

Ayam is OpenGL based and runs on both Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. On Mac OS X it requires Aqua and X11 but offers the following features:

  • RIB  (RenderMan Interface Bytestream) export and import
  • One of the first programs to support SubDivision NURBS surfaces
  • Advanced NURBS modeling environment
  • Scripting interface based on Javascript, Script Objects and Tcl
  • File Format support: RIB, DXF, 3DM, 3DMF, OBJ, X3D

01 - Ayam has been updated to version 1.18.2

Ayam’s strength is in several areas but one key area is for fitting into a RenderMan pipeline. You can bring in model formats from a variety of key software players, including Rhino 3DM, AutoCAD DXF, Web X3D, Apple 3DMF (somewhat rare now) and miscellaneous applications that support the popular OBJ file format created by Wavefront and widespread across both 3D and CAD applications.

To learn more and test out this free 3D software on Mac OS X, visit this page:

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