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ArchiCAD 12 – New modeling connection to C4D

Next-Generation connection between ArchiCAD 12 and MAXON’s Cinema 4D introduced and available now.


Graphisoft, the developers of ArchiCAD 12, have announced a new next-generation connection to Maxon’s Cinema 4D R11 focused on modeling. The new update provides enhanced functionality between these two sister applications. 

ArchiCAD users can take advantage of C4D’s intuitive organic modeling toolset to create or modify breathtaking architectural structures of almost any shape. Functions like Bend, Twist and Magnet give architects complete artistic freedom for their creations. 

“One of the most important factors of quality of any software connection is the level of workflow support,” said Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, vice president of product management at Graphisoft. “ArchiCAD and Cinema 4D made a tremendous job to make a “round-trip” communication workflow virtually seamless.”

“We are delighted about the depth and quality of integration Graphisoft and Maxon can deliver to our mutual customers. We are confident that we will able to tremendously extend the creative possibilities of the architects of the 21st century,” states Harald Schneider, chief technology officer at Maxon. 


The new plugin is available via C4D’s integrated online updater system (read more about this in our latest product review of C4D R11 Architectural Edition here) and requires the latest C4D add-on from Graphisoft and can be downloaded here.

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