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Boston-based Formlabs Gains Ex-Autodesk CEO Carl Bass as Director

Formlabs of Boston is a globally leading 3D printer manufacturer targeting designers and engineering professionals working with 3D digital content. The company has now gained ex-Autodesk CEO Carl Bass for its board.


Autodesk Announces Its CEO, Carl Bass, Is Stepping Down

Board undergoes CEO search while, board members will resign while Autodesk’s own Amar Hanspal will hold reigns in the interim.


Autodesk “detects a tremor in the Force”—Emerging OnShape means one certainty: Apple Mac users win

OnShape’s big press coverage this week has required the response of market leading CAD company Autodesk to rightfully respond. But in doing so, has the response merely signaled the significance this company poses in the market? In the end it probably doesn’t matter much. And the loser in this story isn’t going to be likely either of these companies. One thing is for sure, we know exactly why Apple wins.


Autodesk CEO Carl Bass Talks Shop: Design Differently with Fusion 360

Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, lays out how to Design Differently in a blog posts about Fusion 360 and the How and Why of where Autodesk sees product design.


Top CAD/3D CEO’s Talk About Apple in the Industry

In our third article in our 2011 State of Apple in CAD/3D industries series, we deal with many of the bigger issues by speaking to several of the industry’s leading CAD/3D software CEOs and company presidents.


The iPad: How the CAD/3D industry is being changed

In our second article in our 2011 State of Apple in CAD/3D industries, we talk to five key CEOs in these industries and one expert on what the impact of the Apple iPad is having, as it helps reshape CAD and 3D.


Exclusive Interview: Carl Bass talks to Architosh about Apple in the CAD/3D industries

This is the first article in our 2011 State of Apple in CAD/3D Industries, special series. Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, talks to Architosh about his company, its understanding of the growing Mac market and the role of iOS devices like iPads in fields like architecture and engineering and how Autodesk will respond to changes in the market.


AutoCAD Sledgehammer for Mac in the wild

Autodesk appears serious about releasing AutoCAD for Mac. The rumors have spilled over to screenshots. But we think its more than rumors and screen shots this time.


Autodesk making Alias line of products for Mac OS X

DEVELOP3D blog reports of Autodesk taking Alias toolset to Mac OS X platform — Credible report based on recent Autodesk comments made to Architosh in interview.


CAD Society 2008 Awards: Yares, Bass and Riddle win honors for their achievements in the field of computer-aided design (CAD)

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass wins CAD Society Leadership Award, Evan Yares wins CAD Society’s Joe Greco Community Award, and Mike Riddle wins CAD Society Lifetime Achievement Award


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