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CAD Society 2008 Awards: Yares, Bass and Riddle win honors for their achievements in the field of computer-aided design (CAD)

Autodesk CEO Carl Bass wins CAD Society Leadership Award, Evan Yares wins CAD Society’s Joe Greco Community Award, and Mike Riddle wins CAD Society Lifetime Achievement Award


The CAD Society, the industry association for CAD users, has announced this years winners of various achievement awards in the field of computer-aided design. This year Carl Bass, president and CEO of Autodesk, has won the 2008 Leadership Award. The Society recognizes Bass for his efforts to promote sustainable product design and eco-friendly construction.

As the head of one of the largest software companies in the world, and the largest single software company serving the global AEC market, Bass has has used his influence on the entire industry to position an awareness of the need for environmental-friendly design.

The CAD Society bestows the Joe Greco Community Award to Evan Yares, a CAD industry veteran who was the former president of the Open Design Alliance. Yares has been particularly influential as a writer, consultant, reseller and developer for his long advocacy of greater CAD interoperability. Often outspoken, Yares campaigned against monopolistic corporate practices and sought to realize a CAD industry based on shared interests.

Lastly, the CAD Society has awarded Mike Riddle the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award. The Society recognizes Evolution Computing founder Mike Riddle for his historical role in CAD software. Riddle developed early CAD software for micro-based computers. Evolution Computing released Interact for the Marinchip 9900 in 1979. The program went on to form the architectural basis for the earliest versions of AutoCAD. Evolution’s subsequent programs included FastCAD and EasyCAD, passing other milestones such as the first CAD program for under $500 in 1985.

The CAD Society Lifetime Achievement Award is presented annually to an individual who has given a lifetime of outstanding technical and business contributions to the CAD industry.

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