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Vectorworks 2018 Announced—Plus New Rigging Analysis Module

Vectorworks 2018 is announced with a focus on BIM usability, design productivity gains, and new analysis technologies.


Vectorworks, Inc., has done something different this year in announcing the new annual version ahead of their annual user conference, slated for next week. The company today has announced Vectorworks 2018 and its complete family of products which is continuing to grow with the all new entertainment industry oriented Rigging Analysis Module.

Vectorworks 2018—What’s New

Vectorworks 2018 includes Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Designer, and Fundamentals, along with its Vectorworks Vision product line. New this year is Braceworks™, a structural load analysis add-on module targeted at riggers and designers for temporary structures in the entertainment performance industry (think concerts!).

“With Vectorworks 2018, we focused on user workflows, making them more robust and efficient,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “In BIM, you can best see this in our direct section and elevation editing and multiview capabilities, and more subtly in all the Wall tool enhancements that allow designers to correctly model wall constructions so walls appear accurately in plan, section and elevation drawings. The direct site model contour editing and enhanced seating sections are other good examples of our usability improvements.”

01 – Vectorworks 2018 has been announced, offering new analysis module for Entertainment industry and many new improvements across its product lines.

Highlight new features in Vectorworks 2018 include:

  • Multiple drawing views — Use multiple views of a project simultaneously, and begin work in one view pane and finish it in another. Switch effortlessly between viewports, views and visibility settings — simply set up panes and view them all at once. Instantly gauge the impact of a design change across 3D, plan, section and elevation views, and even start a rendering in one view while working in another.
  • Direct Section and Elevation Editing — Edit models directly from viewports: add openings, align and distribute windows, reposition doors across multiple layers, reshape walls — it’s all possible. Change the 3D views while in the section to see how edits simultaneously affect plans and model views. And, create better-looking, more-accurate drawings in a fraction of the time.

There are also improvements for the BIM industry side of Vectorworks 2018 with new robust wall modeling options and streamlined drawing distribution. You can now publish drawings based on issue date along with a new tightly integrated title block object.

02 – Vectorworks 2018 offers many new improvements, including a new intelligent smart title-block object that coordinates with new publishing sets features automatically.

Another standout new feature in 2018 is direct site model contour editing. Users can edit the site model more easily by directly editing the contours in 2D model like if editing a polyline. This feature alone will amount to a sculptural process for landscape architects and architects working on landforms in both precise and more schematic level ways.

“Direct contour editing, where have you been all my life?” says Bryan Goff, Director of Design + Sciences at Grey Leaf Design, Inc. “Our digital terrain modeling workflow with the site modeling tools was quite often a lot of experimentation and modification to achieve the desired grade. Now with the ability to directly edit the site model contours in Vectorworks 2018, our workflow has been cut in half. This has greatly improved our design production…”

10 New Local Languages for Worldwide Rollout

This is the first worldwide rollout that will ship with the addition of ten additional localized languages. And starting today the English-language version of Vectorworks 2018 software is available for download for Vectorworks Service Select customers.

To learn more about Vectorworks 2018, visit



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