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New Content Pack for KeyShot 7—Foretells of Larger Role for KeyShot Cloud

Luxion announces new content pack for KeyShot 7—partners with Poliigon and Aversis.


Luxion, the makers of the award-winning 3D software KeyShot, have announced that they have teamed up with Polligon (texture creators) and Aversis (HDRI creators) to bring some pretty neat and unique content to KeyShot 7.

New Content Pack and KeyShot Cloud

KeyShot 7 was released back in August 2017. And it continues its leadership in speed and performance for advanced rendering results. This latest content pack update to the KeyShot resource library takes full advantages of the program updates delivered in August.

Included with the new resources is the addition of new HDRI environments from Aversis and new photorealistic textures from Poliigon. Aversis has provided ten (10) 3K HDRI environments with an additional ten (10) 6K HDRI environments available with KeyShot 7 Content Pack.

01 – A sample of the incredible high-quality textures in KeyShot 7, now expanded with this new Content Pack. (image: Luxion / Architosh. All rights reserved.)

Also in the same pack, Poliigon has provided over 150 3K textures for bricks, concrete, fabric, wood flooring and more.

The new HDRIs and Poliigon textures can be viewed in the KeyShot Library window. To learn more visit here.


All Aversis HDRI environments are included with the full installation of KeyShot 7. The KeyShot 7 Resource Installer provides additional higher resolution HDRI environments along with all Poliigon textures. Installers for both Mac and Windows are now available for all KeyShot 7 users at

02 – Another example of KeyShot 7’s rendering abilities using the latest textures and HDRI content pack. (image: Luxion / Architosh. All rights reserved.)

KeyShot 7 is available for purchase at A free trial is available at For more details on pricing please contact [email protected] and for more information on KeyShot 7 and the new features, please visit

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