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Graphisoft upgrades BIMx – new Real-Time Cutaway feature

Graphisoft adds substantial new features to its mobile BIM app, BIMx


Graphisoft of Budapest, Hungary, today announced that they have added a key feature upgrade to their mobile BIM software tool, BIMx Mobile. The new upgrade offers mobile BIMx users on iOS and Android to experience new dynamically cutting sections of the geometry model in real time.

New Features

The real-time 3D Cutaway function allows users to dynamically cut the BIMx model with a horizontal cutting plane, offering viewers a floor plan-like overview of the entire model. (see image 01 below) This helps users visualize the experience of the floor plan while in 3D and offers viewers the ability to locate internal parts of the model that would otherwise be harder to find using the explore method.

Another new feature update is the new rendering engine, providing for shorter model load times and a significantly faster user experience during model navigation as a result of an increase in FRS (frames per second) rates. The net result is two to three times (2-3x) faster on average loading times and less memory use. This also means larger models can be loaded.

01 - BIMx now has a live 3D Cutaway feature enabling horizontal sectioning of the BIM model.

BIMx is an interactive environment for the exploration of BIM models without users requiring a license of the professional authoring software (ArchiCAD) in which the building was created. With BIMx ArchiCAD users can create self-running BIMx models for their clients to run on desktop computers (Win/Mac), iOS devices and Android devices. BIMx also works with an exclusively dedicated BIMx community on Facebook where models can be uploaded and discovered in the cloud.

To learn more about BIMx go here or directly to its iTunes Preview page.

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