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ArtVPS announces new timed license options for Shaderlight rendering

New Time Access Licenses from ArtVPS offer Shaderlight for SketchUp rendering workflow flexibility


This week ArtVPS has announced the new Time Access licensing options for users who render with Shaderlight for SketchUp. Shaderlight, a leading interactive and intuitive rendering plugin for SketchUp, can now provide its users with more flexibility for their rendering needs.

Purchasers of the Shaderlight plugin now have the option to purchase the software plugin for 30 days, 3 or 6 months, in addition to a normal license.

Dial-Up/Dial-Down Licensing

Kate Marshall, Marketing Director at ArtVPS commented, “We recognize that our users rendering requirements vary enormously–for some it’s daily activity whilst for others [they] only render once in a while. By providing a low-cost, timed access to Shaderlight in addition to perpetual licenses, means our users can tailor their rendering requirements to their workflow–increasing or decreasing capacity as required.”

01 - This image from a YouTube video shows Shaderlight in action.

A 30-day license option starts at 50.USD and scale up in price for each increment of timed access. Shaderlight Timed Access Licenses are available now from the new Shaderlight webstore and will unlock the full range of Shaderlight’s Pro features including advanced lighting, Replace Me rendering, SketchUp scene animation and Cloud Rendering.

To learn more visit Shaderlight online here.

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