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e-on Software has PLE of Vue 10 Infinite and xStream

Personal Learning Editions (PLE) of Vue 10 professional products give users options to learn


e-on Software appears to now have Personal Learning (PL) Editions of its new Vue 10 Infinite and xStream products, in addition to trial versions of Vue 10 Espirit and Studio.

With these editions you can “test drive” the leading digital nature solutions for 3D artists and graphics professionals. While Vue 10 Infinite is a stand-alone professional application that can be easily integrated into a studio pipeline, Vue 10 xStream operates seamlessly inside of Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Newtek Lightwave, Maxon’s Cinema 4D and Autodesk Softimage.

New editions in the Vue 10 PLE include such items as spline and road tools, physical transparency and water engine, and things like its EcoSystem Phasing. The Personal Learning Editions allow you to save your work, export to other applications, render stills and animations without size or length limits and experience Vue’s power directly inside leading 3D software suites.

To learn more about Vue 10 software options visit e-on Software online here.

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